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Nigeria Is Ours ~ Charles Aogee



The song came by inspiration during my service year with NYSC, and it was born out of a desire to serve the country and contribute my own quota to national development.  God opened my eyes to see that the issue of serving your country, is not just a matter between you and your fellow country man, but a matter between you and God. And I caught some light to buttress that point, from the Nigerian Pledge:I saw that the first and last words of the pledge are ‘I’ and ‘God’ respectively.
N-I-G-E-R-I-A as a word, spells seven letters, and I understand that seven is figurative of unity in diversity. The rainbow is a beautiful combination of seven colours! And how does this apply? It illustrates to us that in this nation, everyone has a special place, significance and value, and God reigns over all. There’s no need for violence, disagreements or divisions. Nigeria is our nation. We should not tear it down, or break it apart. But rather, WE SHOULD BUILD IT TOGETHER. Nigeria is ours!
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