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Interview: “I’ll Soon Sign New Artistes Under Global Music Empire” ~ Sunny Pee



GospoGroove recently interviewed anointed music producer and hitmaker, Sunny Praise Adejoh better known as Sunny Pee. He is renowned for Gospel hits such as “Ekwueme” (Prospa Ochimana), “My Trust Is In You” (David G) and “More Than Gold” (Judikay).

Enjoy reading…

GospoGroove: How did music production start for you?

Sunny Pee: Music production started for me when I finished secondary school in 1997/1998 but it started professionally in 2005 when I started Global Music Empire.

GospoGroove: What made you realize that music production was your path?

Sunny Pee at work.

Sunny Pee: Hmmm! I discovered I had passion and love for music. I actually studied Cartography in School (Kaduna Polytechnic). After school I got a job with ACDA but I was never happy at work. After sometime, I told myself the truth which is to follow my passion.

GospoGroove: Can you describe briefly, how you work on a musical project?

Sunny Pee: I start by praying and asking the Holy Spirit for direction because He is the one who teaches us all things. Then I ask the artistes what ideas they have for the song. From there we proceed as God gives us direction. I don’t really have a particular way I work on any project. I work as God gives me direction and inspiration.

GospoGroove: What is the first thing you listen for when listening to a new recording?

Sunny Pee: First the message, then the music generally.

GospoGroove: In your opinion, what is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid?

Sunny Pee: Every gospel song must have the Spirit of God and also have the best of production.

GospoGroove: What is the most difficult production problem you had to solve?

Sunny Pee

Sunny Pee: Hmmm! Having an artiste that doesn’t know how to sing or even write good songs.

GospoGroove: What is distinctive about your music production outfit, Global Music Empire?

Sunny Pee: The presence of God! That has been the testimony of practically everyone I’ve worked with.

GospoGroove: Your influence(s), inspiration(s)?

Sunny Pee: My inspiration is The Holy Spirit and I’ve also had some producers Like Ebenezer, Abdulkass and Hillsong influence my production.

GospoGroove: Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

Sunny Pee: Haaa! Virtually all the musical project I’ve worked on are my favourites!

GospoGroove: Is there an artiste you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?

Sunny Pee: Yes yes yes! Frank Edwards, Travis Greene, Sinach and Tim Godfrey.

GospoGroove: What’s your assessment of Gospel music in Nigeria now? How can the quality improve?

Sunny Pee: Gospel music has improved over the years. To a large extent, it has cut across the world in terms of excellence and good content. On how to improve the quality, we have to learn to invest more into gadgets and ourselves as musicians. Learn new ways to do same things we’ve been doing and also spend more time with the Holy Spirit.

Sunny Pee at work.

GospoGroove: What can we expect from Global Music Empire in the coming years?

Sunny Pee: Hmmm! Smiles… So many greats songs. What the world has seen so far is nothing compared to what God is ready to birth through Global Music Empire. I’m so excited about some new projects and music ministers I’m working with lately. The world haven’t seen nothing yet. I’m signing new artistes under Global Music Empire. Something new is about to happen soon.

GospoGroove: Thank you for your time

Sunny Pee: Thank you for having me.



1. “Nakane”, “Victory”, “It All Belongs To You” and “Yahweh Yahweh” by Solomon Lange

2. “God Of Wonders” by Elijah Oyelade

3. “Consuming fire”and “Onyinye Akam” by Jimmy D Psalmist

4. “Signature Of Grace” and “Halloweth Be Your Name” by Chris Morgan

5. “My Trust Is In You”, “Arugbo Ojo”, “Yahweh” and “Faithful God” by David G.

6. “Ekwueme” by Prosper Ochimana Featuring Osinachi Nwachukwu

7. “More Than Gold” by Judith Kanayo (Judikay)

8. “You No Dey Use Me Play” by Ema Onyx

9. “Jesus The Best”, “Jesus Is Here and “Alewilese” by Emma Sings

10. “Free Of Charge” by Yadah

11. “Great And Mighty God” by Naomee

12. “All For Me” by Promise Raquel

13. “God Is Up To Something” by Becky Sam

14. “Most High” and “Jesus Is The Answer” by Kate Pee

15. “Yayi” by Peter Rock

Enjoy Sunny Pee’s single “Onye Nzoputa” featuring Kate Pee and Atu Chinwe:



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Sunny Pee

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