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Music: Pamoto ft. Henrisoul ~ Shoggy Tosh [@Pamoto_ @ShoggyTosh @Henrisoul]



Pamoto by SHOGGY TOSH ft HENRISOUL produced by PASTORCHILD is the second single from Shoggy Tosh’s EP, ’emujow’. The song was written and composed by Shoggy Tosh & Henrisoul, and produced by Pastorchild.Pamoto was mixed in London by Pastorchild, and mastered in the USA by Izzy.
This melodious dancing afrobeat is available as a free download via, but for any lover of good music that wishes to download it for a fee, the song is available on itunes, googleplay, amazon mp3, spinlet, and all good online stores.
Also as Shoggy Tosh’s ’emujow EP’ is a charitable project dedicated to raising funds for less privileged people all around the world, donations can be made by visiting or sending an email
Pamoto means an addictive dance dedicated to the Creator of mankind. It is performed by bending your knees slightly, and raising your hands upright, in a driving motion. Life on this terrestrial ball was not meant to be smooth, and from time to time we are engulfed in problems and challenges. However, by dancing and praising God Almighty, these problems are surmounted.
The song was released officially on 10 October, 2015, whilst the music video directed by Femi Best Touch is to be released on 6 December, 2015. Shoggy Tosh was only recently nominated at the 2015 PGMA London awards in the Rap & Hip-Hop artist of the year category.
Also watch out for latest updates of the #PamotoDanceCompetition on and the social networks of Shoggy Tosh, and Pamoto. Interesting prizes are to be won. Terms and conditions apply.
Shoggy Tosh (born in Birmingham, United Kingdom on 9 January 1974) is a multi-award winning publisher, producer, author and television presenter mentored by Rev. Tim Omotoso. He is the founder of The Official Stars Homepage Magazine, TV & PR and also a British/Nigerian rapper.
On 9 January 2014, he released his debut rap single, “emujow” featuring Shady Blue and Jamaican gospel dancehall star, Dunamis Reignz. In February 2014, the song topped the reverbnation ‘dance’ chart at number 1 in London, peaked at number 2 in the whole of the United Kingdom and number 38 in the world.
Shoggy Tosh’s emujow featuring Shady Blue and Dunamis Reignz won it’s first ever award as the best African praise/contemporary song at the 6th Annual Dinner Awards & Dance event – the 2014 PGMA London awards held at Rowans Leisure Grand Suite. Finsbury Park, London on Saturday, 11th October 2014. For more information on how to donate and support this project, visit or drop an email to
SONG – twitter:  @Pamoto_ & instagram: @Pamoto_
ARTISTtwitter: @ShoggyTosh & instagram: @ShoggyTosh
FEATURED ARTIST twitter: @Henrisoul & instagram: @Henrisoul

Pa ra pa pa; Pa ra ra
Pa ra ra pa; Pa ra ra ra ra
Triple T
Shoggy Tosh
As I dey waka dey go all the people look me gangan
Dem dey wonder why all the blessing no dey tantan
God is in control na him dey lead me loloo
So I go dey praise dey go, no dulling, no stopping, keep moving eee
Oya Oya Pamoto
Oya Pamoto
RAP Verse 1 (Shoggy Tosh)
Hahaaa – are you ready
Addicted to your praise
Addicted to your beat
Addicted to the praise, and the base, and the beat
Raise and a hands and a Praise and a Dance
And I really, really, really, really,  really, wanna be
Mountains sing
Rivers clap
Praise shall continually be in my mouth
Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength
Honour, Glory, Blessing
Pangolo, Pamoto
Pamoto Pangolo
Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah I like it
Lamb that was slain
Lion of Judah
Son of David
Addicted to your praise, and the base, and I raise, to the taste of the base of the beat
RAP Verse 2 (Shoggy Tosh)
Hands in air, Clap your hands, Dance to beat
Wriggle Wiggle get addicted to the beat
Addicted to the beat
Restricted to the beat
Married to the beat
Glued to the beat
Base of the beat
Heart of a King
That’s why I say Pamoto
When cancer comes, Just say no
Depression comes, don’t say yes
Pocket dry, Just say no
Be addicted to the base of the beat
Jesus died for you and me
39 Kobokos he took
Addicted to your praise, and the base, and I raise, to the taste of the base of the beat
Troubles are all gone now
Sickness is taken away
Tribulation is rolled away
Favour is everywhere
Oya Oya Pamoto
Oya Pamoto
Outro (Shoggy Tosh)
Shoggy Tosh in the building
Henrisoul I see you
PC, PC, Pastorchild
Femi Best Touch
I’m out

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