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Music: God’s Excellence + Mo Kepe Jesu ~ OBA [@obapathway]



Kings International Music Network’s artist OBA, releases two singles “Mo Kepe Jesu” & “God’s Excellence” from her forthcoming 3rd album project.
Mo Kepe Jesu could be translated or to mean “I call upon JESUS”. Is a deeply rooted prayer song, which focuses man’s attention on calling upon the LORD AT EVERY POINT IN OUR LIVES because we have been given the assurance that when we call upon God, He indeed does hear us and will surely answer. Jeremiah 33 vs 3.
The songs were produced by Philip Uzor and mixed at AlphaJunes studios.
DOWNLOAD “God’s Excellence” 
DOWNLOAD “Mo Kepe Jesu”
With over 2 decades of Musical experience and mastery, OBA is a formidable force to reckon with in the music industry within and without the four walls of the church, known for her dexterity and rarity. OBA is one songstress with audacious power of delivery in every sense of the word.
She started her music journey as a young child who was always surrounded by music playing in the house, at a tender age she was constantly listening to the likes of Lijadu Sisters, King Sunny Ade, Sunny Okosun, Bongos Ikwe, and many more. Her father who was an ardent music lover and still is, is one of her major influence as a musician, though he never played any music instrument, his love for music was later transcended into his young daughter, who dreamt of one becoming a musician like KSA, and travel the world making melodies to warm the heart of men.
She joined the children choir at a tender age, and before long, she was in the spotlight, leading special songs, and doing solo effort, her petite and yet powerful presence and vocal delivery at that tender age couldn’t go without been recognized.
She had a near death experience as a fresh undergraduate in the then, Ondo State University Ado-Ekiti, it was in the series of these experience that she was given a mandate by God, and the mandate was, “making a divine statement with an African signature”, and she was given the name OBA and a scripture in Ecclesiastes 8:4, “Where the word of the king is, there is power…. She also received express instruction to use these 3 tools as her medium of expressing God given life mandate: Sing it, Say it, and Write it.
Though she studied Electrical/Electronic Engineering, She has been running with 3 fold expression ever since. She cut her 1st Album in 2002, with the popular song, ILU MI NIGERIA, as one of the songs from that projects, and almost immediately went into music hiatus.
In 2012, OBA bounced back into the arena again, with the release of her 2ND ALBUM –AKODA. It was indeed a breath of fresh air, and a clear indication that this woman sure knows who she is, with the rich fusion of Jazz, Soul, RnB sautéed in deep African vocabularies and percussive influence and of course the message of God’s love and faithfulness –The AKODA album became a household name.
She has had the opportunity of working and sharing platforms with the likes of Olufunmi, Nathaniel Bassey, Wale Adenuga to mention a few. She is a Youth Advocate, passionate about young people, she believes she has been given the responsibility to propel young people to pursue their God given destiny, this she carries out on her mentoring and coaching platform for young adults called MEREA CONNECTS – Mentoring through Intentional Relationship.
She has been involved with musical projects here and there, she has performed on different platforms in Nigeria and Oversea. A contagious worshipper, unapologetic lover of JESUS CHRIST. OBA is also a blogger and author of the book- The trials of Faith.
She is the host of #AnEveningWithOBA&Friends, a regular music outreach. She is married to her legend Adewale Simeon Adeyemi, A world class drummer and musician and a principal co-partner at King’s International Music Network – The home of their music business and training programs. They are blessed with Children.
Twitter: @obapathway
Instagram: @obamusic1
Facebook: obamusic1
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