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Music: Ese Baba ~ Toyin Anthony [@ToyinAnthony7]



Toyin Anthony makes her debut into the music scene with a thanksgiving tune aptly titled “Ese Baba” from her forthcoming album, THE ASSIGNMENT.
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Twitter: @ToyinAnthony7
Toyin Anthony is a Gospel Artist.  She was born in the 80’s and has been writing songs since she was eight years old.
Toyin is set to take the gospel of Christ Jesus to the uttermost parts of the world with the songs given to her by the Holy Spirit.
“Ese Baba” is her debut single release.
LYRICS – Ese Baba
Many times I wonder, what I must have done, Many times I wonder, what I must have said, To deserve all these goodness from God, To deserve all these kindness that I see. Oh, all these times that I wonder, I know I’ve done nothing, All these times that I wonder, I know, I’ve said nothing.Then I realize, it’s the Grace of God I’m enjoying. And that is why I sing this song; Ese o And that is why I sing this song;..Ese
Ese(Thank you), Eseun Baba o(Oh,Thank you Father), Ese Ese o, Ese o, Ese/2x Lead: Alagbara(Powerful), Eleruniyin(Fearful in Praise), Oba iye o(the King of Life).  Resp: Ese.   Lead: Abiamo (a Mother) Abiamo boja gboro gboro (Mother who secures her Child), koje lomore pa fekun je o (never chases his child away for the lion to eat). Ese e e, eseun baba o,ese.
Verse 2:
If it had not been for you, I won’t be here today. Your mercies and love for me has kept me through, I am grateful! Oh Lord. I give my life to you; my God!’Cause all I am today, is by the Grace of the Lord. He loves me so, ’cause He died for me. And that is why I say Ese o, And that is why I say Eseeee
Ese, Eseun Baba o,Ese, Ese o ese o, Ese. (Ewi/Praises)Atobatele,Atobiju ninu Ola nla o, Afunimasinregun, Ayeraye ninuAyeraye o, Ainibere; Ainopin o, Okeragaji, Alana fun fun Ode Orun o, Kabiyesi ooo. Ese, Ese Lead: Ogo (Glory), Iyin(Praise), Atiola(Majesty) Loye fun o(Be unto you),(Ese)Ogo, Iyin, Atiola Loye fun o Baba,(Ese)Awole niwajure(we bow down before you), ase Kabiyesire (your Royal Highness) (Ese) Awole niwajure(we bow down before you), ayika otun, osi (we roll to the right and to the Left) (Ese) Awadupe, Oore te sefun wa (we come to thank u for your goodness)(Ese)Awadupe o Baba,Oore Nla Nla tese(for your great kindness)(Ese)Lori Oko wa (For our husbands), Ore nla nla tese (for your great goodness) (Ese) Lori Aya wa (For our wives),Lori omo wa (for our children),Ese Baba (Ese) Lori Ijo wa o (for our Church), Ore nla nla tese (Ese), Lorile-ede wa (for our Nation), Ore nla nla tese (Ese) Ese, Ese, Ese, Adupe,Adupe o Baba (thank you Father).Ogo, Iyin, Ola ye o, Ese ee, Eseun baba o, (Ese).Ese ese o Aa, ese eseEse ese o,we say thank you.Gbani Gbani, Gbani Gbani Lojo isoro (Great deliverer from troubles). Modupe Baba (thank you), Aa, Ese Baba mi o.

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