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Audio: Your Love ~ Jude Destiny



Ordained Pastor and Music Minister, Jude Destiny releases a brand new single titled “Your Love.”

Produced by Ebenezer Iriemi, “Your Love” is a song that acknowledges the intense love God has for us. A love strong enough to make Him give His only begotten Son to die just to ensure we are saved.

Be blessed by the song and kindly share.



Your love is so deep ooo….

Response: it’s hard to understand
Call: when I run you hold me back Respond: it’s hard to understand.
Call : Almighty God became a man. Respond: it’s hard to understand.
Call: I was dead you gave me life.Response: it’s hard to understand.
Call: I was band you set me free. Response: it’s hard to understand.
Call: Your love is so deep, your love is so wide, your love is so high is hard to understand. The breadth is so wide, the length is high, the depth is do deep is hard to understand. You surprised me oh… Response: you surprised me oh (2x)

Call: You gave your life for me… Response: oh oh oh

How could I pay. Caller: your agape is so high oh.. It’s so deep oh… It’s so wide oh… Response: oh oh oh it’s hard to understand.

Call: E dey sweet me oh your love has capture me respond: oh oh oh (3x) it’s hard to understand.

Caller: Lord your love has captured me, Lord your is unfailing, Lord your love is amazing, Lord your love is unconditional, Lord your love has won my heart Your love oh Lord (2x)

Tell me why he took your place respond: Na love

Call: tell me why he died for you respond: Na Love call: tell me why he share his blood respond: Na Love call: tell me why is coming again respond: Na love call you surprise me oh Response: You surprise me oh (2x) oh oh oh (3x)

Call: Jesus of Nazareth response: How could I pay. Call: your agape is so wide oh… It’s so deep oh… It’s mighty oh…Response: oh oh oh (3x) it’s hard to understand Caller: e dey sweet me oh (2x) response: oh oh oh….(3x)





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