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Writer Of My Story ~ EL’ Grace



Nigerian-US based Gospel Music Minister, songwriter, violinist, praise dancer/praise dancing instructor, EL’ Grace, is back with another soul lifting single titled: “Writer Of My Story”.

According to the singer, the song is a build up for her debut album titled “LET THE FIRE FALL” scheduled for release later this year.

Speaking about the song, Grace said “The Writer of My Story is a song God gave me as I was on air traveling one day. When I looked through the sky above and down to the earth all I saw was the wisdom and power of God in action. The book of Genesis explains, that in the beginning, the earth was without form, was void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. However, out of that darkness God made light, out of that void God created a beautiful earth. If God could create this dark and void world and make something beautiful out of it how much more can God do with a life that is void and hopeless”. EL’ Grace, also added “I pray as you listen to this song, Th Architect of the Universe, The Writer of Your story, The Provider of Your Glory will Manifest in your life (lives) and give you a New Story. You will Testify”.

Psalmist Grace is not just a Gospel music minister, she holds a degrees in Architecture and Nursing along with various certificate of completion in their respective field.

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LYRICS: by El’Grace

As I behold the wonders of creation

Your handy work reflects in every Nation

Oh God Your wisdom is beyond comprehension

You are the Architect of all creation 2x


Baba Mimo, The Writer of my story

Provider of my Glory

Shine on me Oh God

Gbe ori mi soke  (2x)

Olodumare Oh oh oh

so Oro Mi dayo oh

You are the Architect of the Universe

Give me a new story (2x)

Give me a New story

Give me a new name

From darkness You created Light

From noting reshape my life (2x)


Baba Mimo, The Writer of my story

Provider of my Glory

Shine on me Oh God

Gbe ori mi soke

Gb’o Ri mi so ke….. Gb’o Ri Mi soke

Gb’o Ri mi so ke….. Gb’o Ri Mi


Gbe Ori mi so keep….. Gb’o ri mi soke

The Lifter of my head…. Gb’ o ro mi soke

You are the Architect of the Universe…..

The Helper of my soul

You are the Architect of the universe

The Writer of MY story

Oh God… I need You to shine one me

I need You to lift my head up high

Gbe ori Mi soke

Oh God..

Gbe ori Mi soke


For for booking and or invent ministration, please contact her at:
Instagram: Elgrace_music
Facebook: El Grace
Twitter: @ElGracemusic


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