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Event: Worship With Gbenga Adenuga #WWGA Scheduled For January 11



#WWGA stands for Worship With Gbenga Adenuga
Worship with Gbenga Adenuga is a time of inspirational, reflective and soul-rendering outpour of worship to the Almighty. Gbenga has been an instrument in the hands of God to champion and raise a generation of unusual worshippers in the body of Christ. With original compositions and renditions that cut across denominations and cultural differences, WWGA will be a blessing to all attendees.
“I have been off the worship music scene for a while. I got involved in other things – Please don’t ask me what….
I have so, so missed that part of me and the truth is that I long to return actively to creating worship music and performance again. I say to myself, welcome home” – Gbenga Adenuga.
#WWGA will definitely be a periodic series; the frequency will be made known soon.
“I look forward to a great time in God’s presence and in the gathering of real people” Gbenga Adenuga.
This is definitely not your every Sunday worship experience…It’s some kind of “fusion” Street – Trado – Contemporary & Church
Everyone who desires to attend is required to register to get an invite.
Click this link to register and get your invites right away 
I don’t think you want to miss this for anything.
Twitter: @GbengaAdenuga
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