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Music Premiere: Wamilele ~ EZlyfe [@EZlyfepro]



Singer, rapper and producer, EZ LYFE debuts spanking new single titled ‘Wamilele‘.
According to him: “‘Wamilele’ is a Swahili word meaning eternal. This song is testimony about my life and how I want to use my life and my gift to glorify God forever. Please enjoy!”
Yesu ni wangu wa unzima oooo
Yesu ni wangu wa unzima wa milele (2x)
Yesu unzima  wamilele wamilele(2)

Am that quiet kid with the loudest mind
But when I turn up for Christ you can’t get loud as mine
Tho they hear me knocking they asking where u going
Persistence is key I ain’t stopping till it opens
Look momma am headed to the glory
am crowned with victory
That battle is history
Symphony can somebody sing for me
Chants of a winner somebody took my sins from me
See, nobody wanna dig but everybody will come when it’s time to harvest
Oh boy the devil no dey sleep I no dey like the way u dey take dey tell me go rest
Am finna swim and go deep my word turn into Michael Phelps oh yes
Check as satan dey creep searching for the soul way E go turn into a mess
My homie said EZlyfe you ain’t a gospel rapper
your more inspirational but with a higher caliber
your songs are so nutritious it’s the brain fiber
don’t categorize yourself boy just be a writer
Now am thinking in my head where this  conversations heading
It’s bin a long day and I just left a church  wedding
Culdnt find the right words to put together to tell him
So I played this song and showed him it’s a preparation for heaven
Yesu ni wangu wa unzima oooo

Yesu ni wangu wa unzima wa milele (2x)
Yesu unzima  wamilele wamilele(2)
Am that skinny dude with the fattest dreams
I was created for a purpose I belong with kings
And I prophecy into my life that I’ll marry a queen
The type of woman that I won’t wanna lose to win
Am taking bout that type in her heart is where she’s wearing the ring
U know that type that makes u never be a sinner again
U know that type that gets the bread and you’re the winner again
May god bless you and I’ll love see her again
Omg he can rap and he produces him self
They be like nah he Aiight he introduced himself
The ones who u don’t know go harder
My God you’re the reason that my menu is in order
Those who seek you diligently God you’re the rewarder
And I love to call you love u great lover
Made way for Joshua at the river of Jordan
Teach me how to hear your voice and trust without boarders
The most high sneezed in my life
And thats the reason why an Ill pls be wise
If u wanna take shots u better think twice
Cos it’ll getchu overdose
Am flying u running nose
My head and my shoulder and two knees and toes
Belongs to you fill me with your Holy Ghost
And the dry bone arose
The dry bones
Let every living soul praise the lord our God he deserves those.
EZlyfe also known as Israel Akintade is a US based gospel artiste/producer. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, EZlyfe is last of four children. As a child of a pastor and pastor Mrs., he was active in the church, where he participated in the drama group and choir.
His affinity for music and playing drums began at the age of 8. Being a pastor’s kid has had its challenges but through an encounter at a church he visited, he made up his mind to dedicate his life to Christ completely. Since then, his life has changed tremendously and he has gained a better understanding of what it means to be a steward for the Kingdom of God.
His willingness to sacrifice his time for God has motivated him to dedicate more time to the drums. Since his love for the drums has been renewed, EZlyfe has begun learning other instruments as well as branching into music production. He believes that nothing can be done without the Holy Spirit in addition to dedication, consistency, and passion.

Facebook: @EZlyfe
Twitter: @EZlyfepro
Soundcloud: @EZlyfepro

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