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Audio: Tell Me ~ CJ [Instagram: @CJ_Gospel]



Gospel music minister, CJ has released a new single titled Tell Me.

He shares the inspiration behind the song:

“The inspiration for the song came from the Holy Spirit and it is specially dedicated to God Almighty.
The song is all about the greatness, goodness and mercies of God towards mankind.

“Dear brothers and sisters it doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, always know and believe that God is more than able to bring you out victoriously for there is absolutely no one to be compared with God. He will always meet you at the point of your need.” – CJ

The song was produced by Peter Mac.




Tell me who is to be compared with God (2x)
You are the king of Kings
Lion of the tribe of Judah
The living God there is no one like you

Nobody is to be compared with you Daddy (2x)
Mighty God mighty God there is no one
Glorious God there is no one
You made the blind to see
You resurrected the dead
Who can do what Jehovah can do
Who can fight a battle that Jehovah can fight
Who can set us free if not God
Tell me who is to be compared with God


Onye dika Eze one yiri chim
Onye dika chineke Onye Yiri Jehovah
Onye ka aga eji tunyere ya nihe nke ona eme Onye ka aga eji tunyere ya na oru nke onaru
Odum ebo Judah di nwanyi isimkpe
Onye mbidosu na onye ngwucha
Onye dika ya Eze chim emena nu kosi eme gwam onye Yiri ya
Chim anru kwala kosi aru unu gwam onye Yiri ya
Omere onye ngworo owe jee ije
Omere onye isi owe hu uzo ozo


I bow down before you Daddy (2x)
Who can give life if not you Daddy
Who can save if not you Daddy
You died on the cross of Calvary because of me
You died on the cross of Calvary just because of us
There is no one like you God (2x)


Daddy I thank you
I glorify your name
There is no one like you
Ancient of days
Miracle working God
Ancient of days
Thank you oh…


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