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Music: Revival ~ Fabian Nwafor [Instagram: @Fabianrhymz]



At such a time in history when calamity, terror and crises seem to lay a siege on the world, God expects His children to stand out and seek His face in all sincerity and truth. From the depth of our hearts, in our solitude and when we gather as soldiers of the cross, now more than ever is the time to send this prayer up to the God of all flesh – the prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit of God.
Having blessed us in the past with great numbers like My King, Oba, Holy Ghost Alert, My Woman (Wedding Song), Fabian Nwafor this time presents to us Revival – a passionate plea for the release of the wind of restoration in our lives, in the church and in the world.
Revival can be the next chorus resonating among all who call on the name of God, provoking His Spirit to rain on us like fresh dew.
Revival was produced by Jay.
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Oh Holy Spirit, we need You Lord
Come fill us oh God (ah!)
Send revival Lord (send revival Lord)
We need revival Lord (we need revival Lord)    2x
Revival is coming again (revival is coming again) 2x
Just like the day of Pentecost, we wait in the inner court.
Like the sound of might rushing wind of many waters,
Holy Spirit move again upon the earth.
Fill the nations with Your glory
When darkness comes, You send Your light.
When persecution comes, You send us help.
When temptation comes, You make a way.
Send revival Lord (send revival Lord)
We need revival Lord (we need revival Lord)    2x
Revival is coming again (revival is coming again) 2x
Like a mighty rushing wind, it’s coming again (revival is coming again)
Revival is coming again!
Revival 4x
Turn our hearts with righteousness
Revival 2x
Break into us oh God
Revival 3x
Change our hearts oh God
Revive us 2x
Hey! Fresh fire yes ah
Burning in us oh God
Fresh fire in our hearts
Yes Lord
In the midst of the year, we need Your revival
Yes Lord ah 2x
Like the day of Pentecost, revive us again with Your fire
Revive us!
Adlibs till the end.
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