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Music: Omni Scient God Ft. Jid~Vocals ~ Odons Austine [@Odons_Austine @Jid_Vocals]



Omni Scient God accentuates the all knowing, ever present and able attributes of the Almighty God. Written by Odons Austine.
A graced, dynamic music minister and recording artist, who’s gift has been a blessing to many in our local churches.
His maiden album was produced in 2005 under ‘PLAN RECORDS’ which is owned by the veteran gospel artist Paul Nwokocha who also featured on the album.
This recent work features Jid~Vocals and as well produced by Jid Records. A percussion laden piece which reminds us that our God is amazing, consistent, gracious, dependable, a friendly shepherd, mysterious in His ways and existence. Simply put, it’s a divine privilege to have Him as our Father. Do have a good listen family.
Activate your mood of worship common rise, let me tell you how big and great is my God, oooh oooh I call him omni present, oooh oooh I call him omni science. Jehovah that is your name.
Chorus : Omni omnipresent, Omni omniscience 2x
Verse 1: Acient of days who sithest throwned in glory to you all knees are bent, to you all voices pray oooh Lord Jesus Prince of peace and saviour
You are bigger than everything, you’re mightier than the mightiest, that’s why am calling you omnibigger, omniscient omni omni omni omnipresent God. Jehovah that is your name
Refrain : Omni omnipresent omniscience 2x
Verse 2: When I call your name you answer, you answered me, the Shepherd of soul, the same time they called you, you answered them, you are omni everywhere, oooh I have tested you before again and again, you have never failed what you said you will do, that is what you do. Omnipotent is who you are, Jesus, you are not a man that you should lie, Omni!!!, heaven and earth declare Jesus you are, Jesus you are
We declare
Refrain : Omni omnipresent omni omniscience 2x
Verse 3 : Oooh what amazing God you are, you are mysterious in your ways, mysterious in existence, oooh Lord I give it up for you, I doff my hat, for you, you are loaded in mystery, that’s why am calling you omnicompetent
Omni omni omni omnipresent, Omni omni omni omniscient come on shout his name
Refrain. Omni omnipresent, Omni omniscience
Glory to Jesus, Hallelujah to the lamb of God, you are same today, yesterday and forever.
Mighty God awesome God that’s your name we give you all the glory
Hallelujah to the lamb of God
Twitter: @Odons_Austine
Facebook: Odons Austine
Instergram: Odons_Austine

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