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Music: Ome Mma ~ Odons Austine [@Odons_Austine]



Odons Austine premieres his second single titled Ome Mma which follows suit after his previous single “Omniscient God“. A completely new and unique sound.
Ome Mma means good God and it accentuates the kindness, faithfulness and goodness of our benevolent God. He promised to set a table before us and that we will flourish in the land like the palm trees and cedars of Lebanon. Hence, when we behold the wonderful things He has done, it gives us reasons to sing a new song. This is His promise to us and thus, we believe.
Produced by JidRecords.
Do have a blessed listen family.
Written by Odons Austine
Lord I pray with all my heart
Hear me oh Lord
Lord I cried to You
You heard me oh Lord
As I rise before the sun is up
To sing Your praise
When I look around me
I see reasons to sing
Ome mma!!!
You are the reason why
I lift up my hands
Ome mma!!!
You are the reason why
I lift up my voice
Ome mma!!!
You are the reason why
Am singing a new song
Ome mma!!!
You are the reason why
I bow down my heart
Repeat Verse `I` and Chorus
When I think about Your promises Lord
I can`t help but wonder
You will set a table in the presence
Of my enemy
You said I will trample upon serpents and scorpions
And I won`t get hurt
You said I will flourish in the land
Like the palm trees and cedars of Lebanon
That`s why am singing a new song to You Jesus
Awesome God that is Your name oh God, oh God
Ome mma ee… eya
Mighty God You are clothed in majesty and strength
Rooted firmly on earth You can never be moved
What a wonderful God You are… Eze… Ome mma… iyee
Twitter: @Odons_Austine
Facebook: Odons Austine
Instagram: Odons_Austine

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