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Music: Ijoya + African Christmas (Audio+Video) ~ Tonia [@ToniaSho1]



Gospel diva, Tonia is here again with a bang as she releases “Ijoya” produced by music maestro, Phat E. No doubt, the yardstick has been raised yet again with the release of the timeless “Ijoya” packed alongside with the “African Christmas” bonus single and video produced by the Amazing Tobastic.
Tonia sets the Christmas mood right with these beautiful songs and explains why it is so:
“More than 2000 years ago, Christ was born to reconcile us back to the Father and to restore our dominion here on Earth. Africa hosted Christ when He was sent to Egypt, thus counting us worthy as a Continent Matthew 2:13-15.
It is that time of the year when we look back to say thank You to God for sending His Son and for being so Faithful in our lives. Because you can’t take away DANCE from the average African man, she raises the tone higher with the fantastic dance track “IJOYA”.
Put on your dancing shoes and join me as we hit the dance floor in gratitude!!
Remember, share the love, spread the news, He’s the reason for the season!
DOWNLOAD “African Christmas”
DOWNLOAD “African Christmas” VIDEO
Watch “African Christmas” Video Below:

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Instagram: @ToniaShoSings
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LYRICS – “Ijoya”
I’m alive today x2
(It’s Tonia stepping on the beat)
I’m alive today x2.
Get on the dance floor
Chorus: Get your groove
           Get your moves
           Get on your feet
           Ijo ti ya.                                X4
Clap your hands
Stomp your feet
Get in the groove
Ijo ti ya
Chorus: Get your groove…x2
Clap your hands
He’s been Mighty heyyy
So Mighty yeahh
Oya dance. Dance (x6) Wooooooow
(Get on the dance floor)
Chorus: Get your groove……x2
(Put on a smile, no matter what)
Wake up in the morning
To the brightness of a New Day
A New Day
And be grateful
(Grateful) wow heyyyy
For there is nothing He cannot do
Chorus: Get your groove…. x2
Dance (echo)
Just dance x2
Ijoya (all).                            X2
Tara ra ra ra ra ra ra
Eje kin Jo (all)
Get your groove
Egbega ah ah ah egbega
Muyi muse e e e wagulu (Lift Him up)
Get on the dance floor
Chorus: Get your groove… x2
Ijoya (echo)
Kona dance (Come let’s dance)
Just dance
Get on the dance floor
Kona Kona‎ iye lelelelelelele….
Get on the dance floor
Ijoya (all)‎ (echo)
Kona dance (Let’s dance)
Just dance
Tara ra ra ra ra ra ra
Eje kin jo‎
Get your grooooooooooooove.


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