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Mun Zo (Here We Are) ~ Ama Shallangwa



Ama is a dynamic music minister, worship leader, singer and songwriter. She is the founder of Ama-zing Harmonies, an Edinburgh based community choir.
She releases “Mun Zo (Here We Are)” on her birthday, with a message of hope for people. She says: “It’s a new year and a new beginning for you if you have lost anything. Our merciful and gracious God is ever ready to receive us back and able to restore.
“This highly recommended song was inspired by the Holy Spirit, with the message in it to reach and inspire his people. We have a loving father in whom everything is possible
Commenting further on the new release, Ama says: “I appreciate my great God for his gift and calling upon my life, I thank him for his leading, his awesome presence, and divine direction to pen down the lyrics of this song. It was a tough decision for me doing a song in another language other than English, but his inspiration made provision for the lyrics and the song to become a reality. Whichever way you view the song, praise or worship is perfect.
“May the lyrics of this worship song be a source of strength and blessing to all. Shalom!”
Watch the official music video below:

Music producer: G-Ben
Video director: One Click Studio
Verse 1:
Oh Yaweh, kai ne Uba
Allah na Yakubu, Allah na Ishaku
Kai ne mai jinkai
Kai ne me alheri
Allah na allaoli
Uba mai tawalihu
Ceton kan mu, mun kasa
Shi ya sa yau munjuyo,
Sai ka dubemu da idon rahamanka
A gaban ka mun rusuna
Zuciya mun mika
Dau shugabanci
Mun Zo, Ubangiji Mun Zo
Mun Zo, Ubangiji Mun Zo
Verse 2:
Mun Zo gaban ka
Domin mun san za ka iya ka rike mu
Ba abin da zai fi karfin ka
Zaka iya, zaka iya
Ubangiji ye, Ubangiji ye
Ubangiji, mun zo gaban ka yau
Mun Zo, Ubangiji Mun Zo
Mun Zo, Ubangiji Mun Zo
English translation
Verse 1:
Oh Yahweh, you are my Father
The God, of Jacob, the God of Isaac
You are merciful
You are gracious
You are the Lord of lords
A humble Father.
We are unable save ourselves
That’s why we return to you
Then you looked on us with your merciful eyes.
Before you we bow
And we surrender our  hearts to your Lordship
Here we are  (Mun Zo)
God here we are
Here we are, (Mun Zo)
Father here we are
Verse 2:
We’ve come before you
Because we know you are able
Able to uphold us
There is nothing too hard for you
You are able, you are able
My God, ye, my Father, ye
We come before You now
My God, my Father
We come before You now
Instagram: @AmaShallangwa
Twitter: @AmaZirra

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