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Music: Magnify Omemma ~ Believe Nduka Paul [@Believe_Paul]



Magnify Omemma” is a song birth from the place of worship and fervent prayer. It expresses the heart cry of a grateful man, using his every breath and song to talk to the MAKER OF EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING (OMEMMA). It doesn’t just say our God is a GOOD GOD, but also He is faithful to doing good to us all.
This song makes you dance and worship.
The song was produced by Wilson Joel.
Let’s #magnifyOmemma.
MAGNIFY OMEMMA (Written by Believe Nduka Paul)
Lord You are, You are the Air I breathe,
Lord You are, You are the Song I Sing,
You are my Strength, my Life,
To You I will give, my All,
You are my every breath,
And what a life You give.
So we magnify, magnify, magnify, magnify, Omemma eh,
So we glorify, glorify, glorify, glorify, Omemma eh,
Omemma eh, Omemma eh (2x)
(Lift up your voices, He’s merciful and kind, so loving to His own yea, oh God You are)
(My God You are) You are the Air I breathe,
(My Father, My God, My King) You are the Song I sing,
(You are my Strength, my Love, To You I will give) My Life,
(Every breath that I’m taking is Yours, what a life You give) You give.
So we magnify, magnify, magnify, lift up your hands to… (Omemma eh)
When we lift up our voice in worship, it is just because You are… (Omemma eh)
Omemma eh, Omemma eh (4x)
(That’s who you are, that’s who you are, that’s who you are to me Oh God, that’s who you are, you’re the Father to the fatherless, the Defence of the weak man, my ever present Help you are oh God, oh oh oh Lord)
Your Faithfulness is forever, and ever and evermore,
Your Faithfulness is forever, and ever and evermore,
(Everybody say, yes, hallelujah, it’s forever, and forever, It’s not for a moment, it’s not for a season, it’s not for a while, He says, it’s forever Lord, halleluiah, You are good to me, my Jesus, and its forever, You are faithful God, and its forever, my God you are, forever, yes You are, keeping to Your Word, hallelujah, You love me so, I cannot attain it all Lord, still faithful, heaven and earth will pass away, but Your Love, it will never fail, Yes oh God, My God you’ve been good to me, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yea eh eh eh….. You are a faithful God, my oh my oh my oh my oh my…. How much I love You because You are)
Omemma eh
Omemma eh
(yes my Jesus, thank you for your love, You Su…..pply my every need Lord, You make a table before me, and You lift up my broken heart oh God oh God, oh yea Lord, Oh thank you for your love my Jesus, You make everything beautiful in Your time).
Lagos based Believe Nduka Paul born into a family of four hails from Delta State. He started singing at the age of four. He has been on stage with many great gospel artists, sang in concerts, crusades, served as Music director in several choirs and singing groups till date.
His source of inspiration comes from his understanding of God’s power, through his unquenched search for God’s delight.
He has a vision with his music, to raise a breed of believers whose lives and character reflects Christ, not only within the walls of a church but beyond.
Twitter: @Believe_Paul
Facebook: Believe Nduka Paul
Instagram: @BelieveNduka

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