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Music: Jimmy D Psalmist Set To Release New Single 'Mighty Man Of War' [@JimmyDPsalmist]



“In the 15th chapter of the book of Exodus, Moses led the children of Israel to sing and worship the Almighty God for He gave them victory over the entire army of Pharaoh.
He (God) drowned them on the red sea and the Israelites didn’t have to lift a sword or shield. Considering the strength of the Egyptian army, the Israelites (slaves) stood no chance of defeating them, hence this was literally  impossible but God specialises in what no man can do. He is limitless, fearless, He is the master strategist. In Exodus 15:3, He is called THE MAN OF WAR.
Friends, this is not just a song but a weapon of war, a battle axe. It is a double edged sword, while you are  worshiping God with it, you  are at the same time releasing judgement on the wicked. No evil can withstand the atmosphere of this song. It has a mandate of sending the devil back to hell where it belongs.
When you lay hands on it, infiltrate your world, your office, car, business place, home with this song. And as you worship, the MIGHTY MAN OF WAR will step in and  do what Him alone can do.
Brace yourselves friends… pray… share… and anticipate this miracle which releases soon. In the meantime, enjoy the snippet…” –  – Jimmy D Psalmist.
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