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It Pays To Serve Jesus ~ Vera Iduh



IT PAYS TO SERVE JESUS is a very popular hymn. Vera’s producer (Godwin Owulo) was led sometimes in May to do hymn cover once every week and post them to Facebook (this week makes it 20 weeks).
Last week he was in Ugbokolo for a function, met her in his friend’s studio where she came to voice someone’s song. Please read more here (
Vera needs sponsorship. In a text she sent to the producer, she wrote: “… This year, I prayed and asked God that I want the world to hear my voice in a way that they can be converted through my ministration in songs… but lack attention from my friends around who can really help me achieve my dreams… I want to affect lives positively but I’m LIMITED WITH EVERYTHING AROUND ME…. I have many songs on ground but my friends are too busy to look at my passion towards music or to give me attention… But giving promises that I believe will never come to pass… But in faith I will wait for God’s time sir”
The producer has never promoted any of his hymnals before, but when he saw Vera’s condition, her passion for God and music, he was compelled to promote this hymnal.
If you were blessed by this song and would want to reach her, please do so via:
Iduh Veronica Ochanya
First Bank (Savings)
Stay blessed!
Vera (Veronica) Iduh is a native of Akpodo Edumoga, (Benue, Nigeria) but was born and brought up in Ugbokolo, Benue (Nigeria). She’s the third child, from a family of five.
Vera wasn’t born crippled on one of her legs until she was, at a tender age very ill, taken to a pharmacist (obviously because the parents couldn’t afford hospital bills). Unfortunately, the pharmacist at the point of giving her injection did a bad job that led to the incidence. She’s a devout Christian and in spite of her condition hasn’t relented in serving God. She has ministered in programmes in and around her location and have blessed so many lives. She’s so passionate about reaching out to the world, but is “limited”.

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