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Music: Insomnia ft. Gamie ~ DaBoomsha [@daboomsha]



As anticipation rises towards the release of The Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape, DaBoomsha whets our appetite with another tasty slice off the project.
This song titlled “Insomnia” features HipHop Heavyweight, Gamie with additional cameo appearances by Debbie and Iyke.
Insomnia is a delightful fusion of HipHop, Neo-Soul and Jazz delivered with heartfelt emotions that pull at your heartstrings and make it highly addictive.
To watch the youtube version, pls click here:
{Debbie speaks}
Verse 1
Im in the room all sweaty
All alone wt my thots
I’m tryna slp
But my dreams wnt let me
Got me feeling all edgy
Counting sheep on a reggie
Just tryna release all d baggage
Flippin on a mattress
But my thots is a black sheep
all dat routine dnt relax me
My thots all riot
setting my soul on fire
not letting my mind go quiet
In backtracking on past actions
My Mind’s acting up
Renacting my transactions
my brain backed it up
Insomni (ah)
Insomni (ah)
Got me
Got me
All in.. my dreams
Can’t slp
Can’t slp
Must be insomnia.. [2x]
Verse 2
I’m having nightmares of failure
My subconscious hysterical
Keep painting d darkest scenarios
My dreams looking scary yo
Its like the windows all tainted
Colours be all black like the burial
I’m destined to shine bright
but I’m trapped in d shadows
too scared to reach for the limelight I gotta get my mind right
Take my eyes off d negative
Cos wat im seeing now is irrelevant I’m destined for greatness
i’m like the one in d matrix
My dreams come alive when I say dis
Smtymz I cry
I feel a pain Inside
As I watch
Time fly..
But I gotta try
to keep my dreams alive
Give it to God
and let Him multiply..
Sometimes.. Sometimes
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes.. Sometimes [2x]
{Iyke speaks}
Rapsodee Da Boomsha is a TV Show Host and Performing Artiste with a flair for writing.
His literary and musical works collectively known as ‘The Boomsha Kreatives’ include the ‘Rebel Muzik Mixtape”, “Mavrixx EP”, as well as the #Boomsha series.
His stories and songs deal with contemporary issues and influence public opinion especially within members of the urban christian community.
Facebook: Boomsha
Twitter: @daboomsha
IG: @daboomsha

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