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Audio + Video: Idi Ebube ~ Sunny Pee Ft. Georgina Nwanyimma [Instagram: @SunnyPeeOfficial Facebook: Sunny Pee]



Music maestro and ace music producer, Sunny Pee teams up with Georgina Nwanyimma to deliver a deep, anointed and atmosphere changing worship song which testifies of God’s gloriousness and power.

Titled “Idi Ebube”, this song is guaranteed to lift your spirit and cause you to worship the Lord.

In Sunny Pee’s words: “Idi Ebube is a song that dropped during one of my intense worship moments. It is a song of worship to my Father. It is a song that describes the gloriousness of God!”

The song was produced by Sunny Pee for Global Music Empire.

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Watch the video below:


Verse 1:

I have seen your Glory manifest in me
Lord I have seen your power
made manifest in man o
You have done for me
what no man has done, my father

Idi Ebube o Eze Idi Ebube o
(You are Glorious, King You are Glorious)

I have seen your Glory manifest in me
Lord the knowledge of your Glory fills the earth,as the water covers the sea
You have done for me
what no man has done,

Idi Ebube o Eze Idi Ebube o
(You are Glorious, King You are Glorious)

come on choir help me sing

Chorus: Idi Ebube o (8x)

(You are Glorious)


Chim je mo onu o
(my God in whom I boast)
Ibu Chim o=(You are my God)
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
My father
You are maker
Come on lift your voice sing Idi Ebube
Ojena muo Ojena madu,Chukwu Oma = (He that walks in the spirit and in flesh, good God)
obata obi adi nma= (He that brings peace)
Ochiri ozuo eeh= (He who helps the less privilege)
Ebube Dike, Ogaranya Dike=(Glorious warrior, Wealthiest warrior)
we see your Glory every where
Eze ndi eze=(King of kings)
Agu ‘n eche mba =(Lion that watches over all)

Verse 2:

I bu Chukwu mgbe nile (You are God for ever)
O kwa Agu a n’agba egbe Ona ata nri o o(You are the Lion that dares the hunter)
Onye ka m g’asi n’oyiri Gi (Who is like you)
Onye Ndu umu Israel (The Leader of the Israelites)
I tiri Fero mmanwu (You dealt with Pharoah) (n’oke Osimiri oo (in the Red Sea))
Ukpaka n’agba n’udummiri (Doer of the impossible)
Eze Ebube onye, onye dika Gi o o(Glorious King, who, who is like you)
Ebube mu o, Ebube mu o, (My Glory, My Glory)
I di ebube o o(You are glorious)
Eze, I di ebube o o(King, you are glorious)
Hei! I bu Eze m o o(You are my king)
Eze ka Eze, Eze ka Eze nile (King above all kings)
Otu Onye a n’asi unu abiaruela (You represent many)
Onye ka m g’asi n’oyiri Gi o o (Who is like unto You)
Ma n’eligwe, ma n’eluwa (both in heaven & in the earth)
Chi m oma (My Good God)
O dighi onye dika Gi o o (No one is like you)
Anu a n’agba egbe O n’ata nri (the game that dares the hunter)
Oke Mmoo, Oke Mmoo, Oke Mmoo (Great Spirit)
Ebube m o o, Ebube m o o, Ebube m o o (My Glory, my Glory, my Glory)


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