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Hope In You ~ Elijahzoe



Scriptures says in Colossians 1:27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:
Our hope in jesus is not just a wish or a dream,but a sure confidence that christ says concerning us is for good.That truth alone is hopeful.It re-assures us that Yahweh has a plan,that he is working his plans for us,if only we have hope in him.Never give up on jesus because he is the source of our hope.
I pray that as you download this song and listen in Faith,believing that every answers you need is in Jesus,son Of God.You will receive your healing,your comfort,your joy and fulfilment in Jesus name.Amen!.All you need to do to is to have ‘HOPE’ and sing along….And watch jesus turning your Life around.
About Artise
Elijahzoe is a talented Gospel artist and a very good keyboardist. He serves as a Pastor in Castle Chapel International.
Intro: Are you ready.
Tell someone we have hope in jesus,We have hope in Jes us
we have ‘The hope in you……[yeah]
We have ‘the hope in you……[Nobody but you]
We have ‘the hope in you……[yeah]
we have ‘the hope in you….[Jesus son of God]
Jesus son of God….yeah eh[we have hope in You
We have hope in you..,….yeah eh[my redeemer eh eh eh]
Yahweh my redeemer…….eh eh[my redeemer eh eh eh]
We have hope in you……[we have hope in you]
Chorus 2
We have ‘the hope in you’ in you……[Yes]
We have ‘the hope’ in you….[Nobody like him]
We have ‘the hope’ in you……[yeah e eh,jesus son Of God]
Jesus son of God……
We have hope in you……[yes.we have hope in you.]
Yahweh my redeemer………[Yeh eh ,my redeemer eh eh eh]
We have hope in you….[ we have hope in you]
[Yeah e eh]
Verse 1:
Lame will work
Captives free
Chains are broken by
Your name.
King of kings
Lord of lords
There’s no one to
Bridge:Christ in me [ yeah]
The hope of glory…..[the hope of G.l.o.r.y eh]
I can do
Bridge: Mighty things.
Greater is he [yeah]
That lives I me… [That lives I me]
Than the one in the world…,……[ we have in you oh oh oh oh oh]
Back to chorus
We have ‘the hope’ in you…….(yeehh)
We have the hope in you…….[nobody but you]
We have ‘the hope’ in you…eeh.[you made a way where there’s no way]
Jesus, Son of God…..
[Yeeeh, we have hope In you]
Yahweh my redeemer ……..[my redeemer eh eh eh.]
[My redeemer oh oh oh]
We have hope in you [we have hope]
Talking: When I say faith in faith in God you say faith.when I say hope in God you say hope in God.When I say no loss in God you say no Loss in God.
Call: Faith in God
Response: Faith in God
Call: Hope in God
Response: Hope in God
Call: No loss in God
Response: No loss in God
Call: No pain in God
Call: No pain in God.
Facebook: Revivalist Elijah Osawuru
Instagram: elijahzoe23

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