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Music: Halleluyah ~ Michael Yahweh [@Michaelyahweh1]



Michael Yahweh is a worship leader from Nigeria, with two hit songs ”Elohim” and ”Holy Ghost Power”. He has gone ahead to produce yet another mind blowing worship song titled“Halleluyah”.
His greatest influence has been Hillsong United, Bethel Music and Jesus Culture.
His latest song ”Hallelujah” talks about the death, sacrifice and salvation of a loving God (Jesus) to a dying world…
This song is a Miracle and it will bless you.
Look what you’ve done for me, on the cross you set me free,
When I was without help, Jesus left his throne for me,
I couldn’t pay the price so you gave your life for me,
Such love that bore my pains and my curse you took away…
Halle-lu….-hu….yah, Halle….lu, Halle-he….lu…yah
Halle-lu….-hu….yah, Jesus love, it never fails me
Halle-lu….-hu….yah, Halle….lu, Halle-he….lu…yah
Halle-lu….-hu….yah, Jesus blood it saves forever more
Verse 2
On the rugged cross, Jesus bled to wash my sins
And by the death of Christ, I am free from shame and guilt,
Eternal life awaits, Jesus rose to ensure it
There is no more fear in death only glory lies ahead
Ooooh ho ho ooooooooooh ho ho ooooooooooh ho, ho ho ho

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