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Music: Gbe Jesu Ga ~ Olabisi [@Tianah_Olabisi]



Fast rising Nigerian Gospel singer, who loves to adore the name of the Almighty God with “Ewa Ede Yoruba” (The beauty of Yoruba Language), is out with another single titled `Gbe Jesu Ga‘ (Lift Jesus High).

Lift Jesus high is a song which gives glory to God Almighty for all His wonderful works, unmeasurable love and sweetness over my life… Giving praises to My MAKER just as king David has rightfully done.



Twitter | Instagram: @Tianah_Olabisi


Vocal : Emi a gbe JESU ga bi t’Oba Dafidi ooo /2x
Ma gbe Jesu mi gege ju Dafidi se se lo
Emi a gbe JESU ga bi t’Oba Dafidi ooo
Baba O se, mo wa yin O ooo, fore kanka to se laye mi oooooo
O ku ise, O ku oro mi
Iwo lo faanu RE se temi oooo

(chrs /response)

Vocal : Bi ko ba s’anu Re to n sogo lori idajo
Ki laraye o ba maa wi, ki laraye o ba maa so oooo, O ku ise, O ku oro mi, Iwo lo fanu Re se temi oooo /2x

(chrs /response)

Vocal : Your love is unmeasurable Lord, Your sweetness ko lafiwe rara, oore RE simi ko se royin tan faraye, Iwo lo faanu RE se temi oooo

Response : Iwo lo faanu RE se temi oooo.

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