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Music: Flashback ~ XL2LETTERS [@XL2LETTERS]



XL2LETTERS breaks his musical silence since the beginning of the year with this fresh single.
On this track, XL redefines himself as a story teller, and sets out to tell a story that would last in the minds of listeners for a long time.
He paints a cinematic picture with words and sounds and rhymes that is hard to forget, and jogs the imagination.
The incident described is so vivid that the listeners will be compelled to ask ‘is it fiction? did it really happen?’.
Its a story that will cause discussions and debates and lead to healthy self reflection…and will also lead the listener to thank The Creator for his/her life.
XL2LETTERS hopes to usher in an era of lyrical story telling with deeper meanings, and hopes other artistes would do so too.
The song is mixed and mastered by Dr Sankty for 17 – 17 audio lab, who does a great job at depicting the story with sounds and special effects.
The track is another Single off THE SE7EN EP whose release date is yet to be specified by XL2LETTERS.
Twitter: @XL2LETTERS
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