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Audio & Video: Eyin Oluwa ~ Maudlyn Abajuo [Instagram: @MaudlynAbajuo]



Maudlyn Abajuo is a gifted songwriter, a gospel minister, and a lover of Jesus on a journey of spreading the gospel of Jesus and revealing God in his fullness through her songs which are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Her latest single “Eyin Oluwa” is a song that was inspired by the Holy Spirit in her place of worship.

“It is a song of the clarion call to praise the Lord, just as the title states; Eyin Oluwa which means “ Praise The Lord”. I am not Yoruba, so when the song came, I didn’t understand what it meant but with the help of my featured artist, Mr. Sola Soetan who happened to co-produce the song, I got a clearer understanding of the song and with this, we both sat and did the finishing touches. As weeks went by and as I meditated on the song, a message to us all was given which you will see at the end of the video”, Maudlyn said.

Watch “Eyin Oluwa” music video below:


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