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Audio: Dear Lord I Pray ~ Jesunyem George [Instagram | Twitter: @JesunyemGeorge]



Singer, songwriter and Gospel recording artiste, Jesunyem George presents his brand new Christian Hip Hop song titled “Dear Lord I Pray.”

In his words: “Message of the song is to stress the crucial role prayer plays in one’s faith walk, hence the need for us to pray.

“It was a song I received in a dream, strangely it was Jayz who performed it in the dream. Be blessed by the song.”

The song was produced by JEG.

Download, listen and kindly share.



Intro Talk:

Dear Lord I Pray
That You’ll Lead In Your Ways
So I Will Not Go Astray

Dear Lord I Pray
That You’ll Be With Me Always
So I Will Not Be Afraid

Rap 1:

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Though I take a look around and all I see are the dead
I’d keep walking and stay focused and I’ll not be afraid
Cause I’d never give up on a journey I already begun
For first of all I counted the cost and knew what it would require
I’m not surprised at all that it would go right down to the wire
One thing I know though it’s neither by my might or my power
But it’s the Spirit of the Lord that gives me my strength and fire
I’d keep burning just as long a I commune with my Father
Now I’m so weak and I need to reinforce my desire
There I go again on my knees i’m saying a prayer
Don’t wanna fall into temptations wanna be like my my Master
Who made it to the very end of the roughest road ever
He kept on in spite of all til He had out death asunder
He’s my Mentor and what He did He said that I could do greater
And when I call i’m rest assured that He would answer my prayer
So I say


Dear Lord
(Hope you’re pleased with me today)
Dear Lord
(Hope you’d be with me today)
Dear Lord
(Hope you’d keep me through the day)
Dear Lord
(Hope you’d lead me through the way)

Repeat Chorus

Rap 2:

Now a new chapter has been opened up in my life
A new chapter that says let thy Will be done and not mine
I’d deny myself, take up my cross and follow you
Wherever you lead, that’s where I’d go for you are the Truth
All of my burdens fears, worries cares, I’d leave in your hands
‘Cause I know they wouldn’t do me any good but some harm
Can’t afford any distractions from the matter on ground
So I got to sacrifice every flesh in me for your plan
Heavenly Father, you’ve always been there never left me alone
Even when those I thought to be my friends were all gone
Those I thought really loved me were nowhere to be found
You were right there keeping me calm in the midst of the storm
I’ll talk about your love and mercies everywhere that I go
I will declare it to every man woman boy or girl
You’re the Way, the Truth and the Life that they need to know
They also need to know that prayer is the way they should go
So I say


Repeat Chorus


Dear Lord I pray
You will hear me when I say
That you’ll lead me in your ways
So I may not go astray

Dear Lord I pray
Thru the night and thru the day
That you’ll be with me always
So I may not be afraid


Dear Lord
Dear Lord
Dear Lord
Dear Lord till fades


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube: @JesunyemGeorge

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