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Music: DaBoomsha – Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape [@DaBoomSha]



The highly anticipated Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape by DaBoomsha is finally here!
This project is a fusion of Rap, R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz and Boombap with production credits from the likes of 9th Wonder and RisingSon (USA).
Rebel Muzik 2 commands an inpressive array of features and cameos from Grammy Award Nominee and Stellar Award Winner, Da Truth, Sokleva of the Rooftop MCs, Tony Grammz, Provabz, BElect, RRHP, and a host of others..
This is music for the bravehearted..the resolute and the undaunted.. Those who refuse to blend with the crowd.. The misfits and the outsiders..This is Rebel Muzik!
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Rapsodee Da Boomsha is a TV Show Host and Performing Artiste with a flair for writing. His literary and musical works collectively known as 'The Boomsha Kreatives' include the 'Rebel Muzik Mixtape", "Mavrixx EP", as well as the #Boomsha series. His stories and songs deal with contemporary issues and influence public opinion especially within members of the urban christian community. Facebook: DaBoomsha Twitter: @daboomsha IG: @daboomsha
Yo This is culture rebellion
Rebel Muzik the mixtape Vol. 2
We Going against the grain, baby
Da Truth, I appreciate you, man
We are Rebels wt a cross
Ya dig?
Verse 1
This is culture rebellion
We dnt blend like chameleons
Military mind like battalions
We wild like d stallions
Stand out like medallions
We coming for you Jews and samarians
Urban Missionaries
tho the vision tarries
never lose ur status
never cool wt average
While they fool wt gadgets
or rocking d newest fabric
My and my crew established
Yeshuwa is who we relish
Ya dig?
Yo Santi I dnt knw if they ready man
We ain't playing safe no more
Nah mean..
We going all out wt this
This is who we are
Verse 2
I had to wait so patiently
Had my old man chasing me
So I had to grow dat faith in me
I've been thru the stages, B
Until God basically
told me to get out the bakery
The streets been awaiting me
insides aching me
See God made for me
A king-size vacancy
Said it was time for a spiritual awakening
Time to release
Rebel Muzik my legacy
I'm back for the re-up
Clutch is d movement
Double R H P
in HD i see ya..
So fun awon boiz
Its time for you to sit up
They not signing us
like gold-diggers wt pre-nups
Wt Christ in my hiphop
I decipher the gridlock
and bring salvation to gangbangers
who cripwalk
Its Rebel Muzik baby!
Straight from the heart
We ain't playing
Verse 3
The music is therapeutic
depending on how u use it
Not knowing d purpose
inevitably u'll abuse it
This is Rebel Muzik
and here's the reason I do this
Rhymes with nutritional value
to feed the children
Music is a weapon and medium for influence
Im leaving u a legacy
A generational blueprint, ya heard?
Yea.. Its Rebel Muzik
Let's spark the revolution
Ride wt me
Rapsodee DaBoomsha
U already know!
Ayo Santi..
They better be ready
U knw they better be ready
Nah mean...
Its da Boomsha in ur area
We bout to set it off
U knw d recipe
Clutch is the movement
Get wt d program
You already know
Its d Boomshakalaka
awon boys yi o dayamo
I keep hearing my name in ur dialogues
The force I rely upon
It all comes from a higher source
Celebrating d life d messiah brought
shine like diamonds
Boomsha in ur area
And Clutch made d situation scarier
Take over ur whole set
Give u d gospel and no less
Ur now rocking wt cold vets
Kodak moments is hard for u to hold dat
U on dat road and it's hard for u to go back
Chasing dat paper it's time for u to know dat
Pulling dat caper ur bound to lose ur soul, black
In the meantime,
Ur scheming on d shorties
Pushing on forty
Still sipping on a forty
Still on d corner
Selling bricks for a fifty
dreams of menaging wt Bae, Nicki and iggy
Ur in ur second childhood when
U was made in his image
Just one step in evolution to godhood
Feenin for d gwap
See Now u running frm d cops
Can't handle ur business on d block
federales in ur spot
Lay in d cut like surgery
He counting the minutes on d watch
Wat wud it profit a Prophet to get the profit
And lose ur soul
for this illusion before ur optics
But awon boys won't listen
Nina gaya mas u ama
Gaskiya ba su da reshi
They in d hood politicking
Now they abt to witness
The aftermath of they baddest decision
Shout out to Brooklyn
Boomsha on the Boombap
D definition of shook ones
U got me in the friendzone my oh my
I can be ur man tho, I aint gon lie
But I..
I'm trapped in ur friendzone
Looking for a man dat wud treat u right
Let me out d friendzone, i'm ur guy
But I...
I'm trapped in ur friendzone..
I knw some ladies
be on the prowl on a daily
Praying dat d next one's d right one Maybe..
U know she aging
so she's a lil bit impatient
No contemplating
U knw She got no time for wasting
I know some fine girls
Who just can't make up their minds tho
Got so many brothers feeling trapped
In their friendzone
They got their fantasies
how they want their man to be
Good looking wt a nice car
and a lotta cheese
I know some females
Who dnt bother about the details
They just want a man who's faithful someone to be with
They careless if he's short, ugly or riding a bicycle
They just want a man who's serious
someone reliable
I know some good girls
Wey dey like trip for bad guys
I try to warn dem
Dem no dey eva hear my advice
35th birthday
she aint got a man tho
All the guys are married
who used to be in her friendzone.. Chai
I guess d morale of d story is
If u got a friend who is husband material
A man who loves God, loves you and wants to marry you
Dat cud be ur man tho
Let em out d friendzone
Intro (Tony Grammz)
hey word up..word up
its your man,Tony Grammz
representing SoGood Entertainment
out of Zambia
most importantly representing Jesus Christ
shoutout to my Man,Rapsodee AKA DaBoomsha
on this Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape
You are blessed for copping this
Verse 1
This is my heart,my hustle
my energy and my muscle
im hustling and i jostle
my hustle is kinda russel
people are kinda hostile
when ur preaching shekinah gospel
dats reaching the wider circles
they be hating and tryna hush you
Radio stations that hold the aces
need motivation
with only a few exceptions
the money is all they taking
making it happen in rapping
is taking a lotta patience
why they making it so hard to make it
my people are tired of waiting
aint no conversations
or making improper statements
we repping the God of ancients
why are we keeping the Father waiting?
its time for action
straight mashing..gate crashing
breaking even in this ministry
takes passion
pedigree is irrelevant
when ur riding with brethren
being a part of the body
its a must that you settle in
this ministry's got benefits
we aint in it for the hell of it
so manifest Christ in your lyrics
forget the rhetorics
I just wanna talk to the people
dont lose it...
hold your head,Soulja
verse 2
we gotta keep kicking
keep pressing..keep pushing
military mind
life aint a pin cushion
the pain,stress and the drama
can get ur wig pushed in
swim in these oceans
just live with your fins open
we banging on they doors
even if they wont let us in
we fellowship
with the holy Ghost
and get replenishmnet
we heavensent
tailor made for the job
and we finish it
we under their skins like skeletons
the business aspect to the music,dawg
is crucial
the benefits to the artiste
and the marketer must be mutual
building companies outta youthgroups
produce fruit
our theology gotta be foolpropof
whether or not they like it
we making sure that they buy it
marketing and promotion
we got it all to a science
coming up with a strategy
stay in touch wt the paraclete
we gotta be
label executives with a higher creed
rely upon
only Christ to help conquer leviathan
the fire's on
repping the kingdom till the messiah comes
hold your head,kid
never lose it,getting kosher bread
at the same time..keep it gospel
till a soulja dead
Hold ya head
even if some people disrespect u,black
hold ya head
there's always a few who will accept you
a lotta people waiting
anticipating the album
rapsody and cikko
the maxrixx EP is now done
Oh my U already know
U riding wt DaBoomsha
Aaah u already know
Boomsha in ur area
U see smiling and looking fly
U aint gotta ask if im getting by
I be on the grind when I'm on the mic
but d pain inside can make a man cry
Aaah u gotta have heart
even when d going gets hard
Uhhh u gotta hve heart
even when d going is hard
Go wt ur heart..ahhh
Verse 1
A lotta people dnt knw the half
or even explore the path
We travel as artistes
they lacking the knowledge
they ought to have
The battles we face
the pain dat is real
They see us as stars
So they dnt really knw what we feel
False advertising on the media
and the lies dat they feeding em
you tryna tell the truth
but the people aint really feeling ya
They don't know wat i go thru
everytime dat I roll through
I wish dat i cud show u
in every one of my vocals
I put out a new song, new EP, new CD
Only got a few blogs, few dps, no BCs
But its all gravy, Grace make it look eazy
I can't quit rapping, baby, The game needs me
Gotta keep teaching, exhorting
Tho it's exhausting
reaching out wt the music regardless of wat it cost me
Keep my head up
Even tho smtymz I cry too
ever had dat feeling of something
dying inside u?
Old relationships and habits dat don't edify you
But u scared dat if u do it
Dat u gonna die too?
but u know u gotta lose urself
just to find u
So u gotta die
so dat u can come alive too
Clap clap for my brothers wt heart
Clap clap for my sisters wt heart
clap clap for my warriors
clap clap for my warriors
Verse 1
Im in the room all sweaty
All alone wt my thots
I'm tryna slp
But my dreams wnt let me
Got me feeling all edgy
Counting sheep on a reggie
Just tryna release all d baggage
Flippin on a mattress
But my thots is a black sheep
all dat routine dnt relax me
My thots all riot
setting my soul on fire
not letting my mind go quiet
In backtracking on past actions
My Mind's all acting up
Renacting my transactions
my brain done backed it up
I can't sleep
They got me up
Ma dreams they got me up
My dreams
Its Insomnia
Dis must be insomnia
Can't sleep
Verse 2
I'm having nightmares of failure
My subconscious hysterical
Keep painting d darkest scenarios
My dreams looking scary yo
Its like the windows all tainted
Colours be all black like the burial
I'm destined to shine bright
but I'm trapped in d shadows
too scared to reach for the limelight I gotta get my mind right
Take my eyes off d negative
Cos wat im seeing now is irrelevant I'm destined for greatness
i'm like the one in d matrix
My dreams come alive when I say dis
I cry
I feel a pain
As I watch
Time fly..
But I gotta try
to keep my dreams alive
Give it to God
and let Him multiply..
Rebel.. Child
Rebel.. Child
Rebel.. Chiiiiiiiiiiild
I've never been a part of the bandwagon
Rmba back when
I used to hang in the back of the class wt the pants sagging
Braids on
wt my shades on
U knw the ray bans
Lyrical desert eagle
Primeval before Renaissance
Bandana tied in a knot
to the side of my dome
listening to KRS One
Wilding out in my zone
Menace to society
Malcom X was inside me
Martin Luther King Junior
Speeches inspired me
Mama wasn't having it
cudnt even imagine me
being a rap artiste
wt Rebel Muzik my legacy
Dad on the other hand
understood his son
so he let me have my little fun
underneath the sun
Graduated from the law skool with a 2.1
Black and white was dem colours
Dat i had to put on
Had to get a legal job
just to stay alive
Keep it live for the family
Had to get the gwap
but I had the music inside
dat had to get out
Searching for a file in the office
CDs wud spill out
Music on my desktop
Verses in my headspace
scribbled on my desktop
Omo, my wife don vex.. Mogbe
See her eye don red
Say she caught me cheating
I've bn creeping
Gbege don set
Omo, my wife don vex.. Mogbe
See her eye don red
But baby... I've bn on my grind
Omo,my grind 's on fleek
I've bn grinding all week
U knw d guy don't slp jor
I bn posting my links
and composing my tweets
Sensitizing all peeps, u knw
I thot my girl wnt mind
Dat I'm always online
Everytn be all fine like
But she was feeling something different
(Feels like I've bn born again)
Omo, ur guy no get
Say him wife don vex
See her eye don red gaan
Picture me on IG
I'm putting up mad pics
but she aint feeling dat P.. Whoa
She spazzing out on me
like I'm cheating on bae
I'm like.. OMG.. Wat?
I can't believe u think I'm cheating
(Feels like I've bn born again)
I got my contacts pinging me
needing answers immediately
I done told u repeatedly like
U just gotta believe in me
aint really be feelin dis
Attitude dat u giving me, cmon
U say I'm always online
spending too much time
I guess d fault is all mine, unh
Well.. Technically maybe I'm cheating
(Feels like I've bn born again)
I admit smtymz
I spend too much time
conversating online but
Girl, u knw im an artiste
and my fans is my family
and they wanna get at me, u knw
Dnt be mad at me, boo boo
I knw im driving u coocoo
But dis msg is crucial.. Pls
Just let me answer it
Feels like I've bn born again)
See I know say i dey fall ur hand
Just try to understand
I'm coming up wt anoda plan
I promise say i go double up
All d time I fit rustle up
So u and I can cuddle up
I know I get a little busy
but tell me, baby, u need me
and I will be there in a jiffy
I'll make ur life go eazy.....
I'm putting off my data ryt nw
Come here, luv
Verse 1
Me and my boys dey for joint,mehn
Everytn soft
The Asun dey on point mehn
Hennessy dey flow
No time, we dey regulate
Boys don high like die
We dey levitate
gast make plans
How dis new year go take be
try formulate
new ways wey we go make cheese
We gast make dough, wo
No time for dulling
Life is too short
To be sitting on a long tin
Change dem talk abt
no reach our side o
Boys don vex
Omo, make u hold ur side o
Wo, ma lo woju e
Boys are not smiling
Ija wa Ija o si
We are always guiding
As me and my man dem
Siddon dey rub minds
We dey puff anytn
SK wt a long pipe
Na so idea
Follow come wt the shisha
Wat if we
kidnap politician?
dis year na d year
Awon boys gast blow
Anyhow... Anywhere..
Mhen, nobody wan know
Anywhich way na way
Sha make the cash flow
Omo, dis na d year
Awon boiz gast blow
Verse 2
Na one O. G for d place
bring d gist come
He say make we no fear
wetin need na wisdom
E get one black Jeep wey him go bring come
plus A. K wey dey sound like machine gun
Ka ka ka ka ka
We go shake d whole place
Snatch the senator
Carry d guy back to home base
After dat..
we go send text to him family
50M na d ransom dem go try bring
Come wt the money
we no wan see cops o
No call police
if u no wan see corpse o
50 Million, if five people take share
Na 10 million
for each man to take flex
Wt 10M, i go blow for dis industry
Move go lekki make shame catch my enemies
Alomo and hennesy
to ginjah my energy
Tackle any beat.. Any G wey go Teri see
One mind dey tell me
dis tin.. Dis tin.. na bad tin
No forget, Dis tin dey carry death penalty
My liver almost wan fail me as I dey tink am
anoda voice
say bone dem, why u dey shrink back
Na ur share of national cake
u wan to bring back
No dull ur sensi
Dis year na ur year
Verse 3
d day don reach
So na how e wan be
As I dey comot crib
One bros block me
E don tey, him dey worry me
On top church tinz
Bros want make i born again
Na by force ni?
Anh anh.. Kayus
Which one be dis package na?
Dem send u?
Why u wan carry dis Jesus tin for head?
I tell am make him calm down
Say nobody holy pass
Me sef dey go church
No be say i be prodigal
Everything na timing
Make i finish grinding
I gast make haste while the sun still shining
Back for the joint
All man don dey high sha
Smoke in d air
We dey wait for the final
Signal to move
as we enter the black jeep
Two in d front,
Me, I Siddon for d back seat
We lay ambush for one road wey him dey like pass
Near TBS, we use the car block the byepass
As the senator SUV
enter the place,
and my guy wt the AK
Start to dey spray
Me i rush to the other car
I open the door
I see mopol wt gun
Omo, dem reach like four
I turn back, I run
But I no fit run fast
The last tin wey i hear
Omo, na d gun blast
dis year na d year
Awon boys gast blow
Anyhow... Anywhere..
Mhen, nobody wan know
Anywhich way na way
Sha make the cash flow
Omo, dis na d year
Awon boiz gast blow
Dis na d way
Sm boys wan blow
Anyhow.. Anywhere
Dis boys no wan know
Anywhich way na way
So dem follow dat road
As e come be so
Shay the boys don blow...
This is for the angels..
Beautiful angels wt wings broken..and lips swollen
Its hard to sleep
when ur dreams are stolen..
See Jane was a flower dat grew in the wilderness
She knew about pain, suffering, hardship and bitterness
She understood the way the world worked
and her place in it
And so she waited patiently for her time wtout wasting it
Jane had dreams of escaping far away
of healing the wounds dat was gaping
And that one day her prince charming wud come and be hers for d taking..She said..
One day my day wud come
(I know it will.. Dats for sure)
And you will be all alone
(Tables will turn)
But until then..
(Imma go thru this..)
I ll suffer
(I'm a survivor)
Until then..
(Imma endure this)
(I knw im gonna be alryt)
(This pain wnt last for ever)
But Jane.. Jane waited.. too long.. Too long
Jane was an angel dat..
Fell in love wt a beast
Her prince charming would beat her up
She was missing a rib
He brought colour to her dreams
added splashes of red to her cheeks
The rose petals wud lead to
blood stains on the sheets
Her fantasies of blissful matrimony
capsized wt her love boat
Cuts, bruises and injuries
Became replacements for lovenotes
But Jane stayed strong.. she said..I know ..
One day my day wud come
(I know it ain't fair)
And you will be all alone
(but I'm gonna get mine)
But until then..
(Imma go thru this..)
I ll suffer
(I'm a survivor)
Until then..
(Imma endure this)
I gotta endure this
(U knw we got children)
(I gotta endure this)
But Jane waited.. She waited.. too long.. Too long Jane Doe
An angel died on her way to heaven
and she sent me to earth to relay this message
She said:
Its hard to fly when ur wings are broken
Too difficult to sing when ur lips are swollen
See I was d rose dat grew from the concrete
That apple tree in the desert
A prisoner of hope
life was harsh but my dreams were pleasant
I waited too long.. Too long wtout fulfilling reality
Now look wat ive become
life's casualty..
One day my day wud come
(I shud hve known)
And you will be all alone
(I shud hve said no more)
But until then..
(now I lost everything)
I ll suffer
(My beautiful children)
Until then..
(My wonderful future)
Oh what a waste
I was an angel
that had wings to fly
But i waited too long.. Too long
Why did I wait?
But u knw wat?
I know I wasn't perfect and all dat but
I gave it all I had
I'm exhausted
its alryt tho..
see im finally free
I'm on my way home, Sweet Jesus
I'm coming
I finally spread my wings
If u listening right now.
And u in d same situation
All my angels..beautiful angels wt broken wings
Its time to heal
and spread ur wings
and fly..
This is for the Warien Rose Foundation and all the people across the world who suffer domestic violence
Its time to break the silence
Wat gud is an angel dat can't fly?
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