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Audio & Video: Coming Home ~ Paul Anthony Clarke [Instagram: @PaulAnthonyCla1]



British Born – Denmark based Gospel Singer Paul Anthony Clarke drops a remarkably captivating heart-felt gospel soul ballad titled: “Coming Home” with it’s an official music video.

The contemporary R&B framed song “Coming Home” by Paul Anthony Clarke is loosely based on the life of the prodigal son in the bible as seen in Luke 15:11-32, who left his father to wanting his inheritance which he thought will be better off. He ended up eating with pigs.

The song is loosely based on his life and how it is to be in the presence of God by way your lifestyle of obedience. Like the father of the prodigal son, who greeted him as he came back home with open arms; God is waiting to love on your life again. As you find your way back, just know love awaits you.

Paul Anthony Clarke is renowned Gospel Artist whose new single “Coming Home” promises to uplift, inspire and challenge you to reflect on your dreams! A great masterpiece, sung with vocal emotion and excellence!

Paul Anthony Clarke has sung with, Donnie McClurkin, Andrae Crouch, Marvin and Ronald Winans, Elton John ( Kingdom Choir) The Spice Girls ( Kingdom Choir), Eternal; Just to mention a few.

Paul Anthony Clarke who is originally from the British descendant resides in Denmark Copenhagen and continues to do professional work. He is the Director for Lighthouse Gospel Choir, who was recently featured with top Danish Artist Isam B on the Danish Eurovision Song Contest.

Paul is a Vocal Mentor/Coach dealing with barriers of the mind and emotions, also past trauma which can cause great barriers to your true voice via his company VZI ( Vocal Zone Inspired). Whilst in Denmark has had the honour of being the supporting act for The Soweto Gospel Choir(South Africa), Bethel Worship Team(America)

Paul Anthony Clarke is always determined to touch the heart of God individually and corporately around the world. His new EP will be out in later this year and has a variety of musical styles with a clear message of Faith, Hope and Love.

“Coming Home” by Paul Anthony Clarke is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Official Video on YouTube.

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LYRICS: “Coming Home” by Paul Anthony Clarke

God of Love
Here I come
My head’s hanging down
All my shame
And disgrace, I’m giving it to you
I’m coming home again (yeah yeah)
This time I’m staying in your presence
It is the safest place for me
I receive Your love
I’m surrounded by the arms of the one
Who has brought me out of darkness
And into His marvellous light
I’m surrounded…
(yeah ooh ooh ooh ooh)

God of love
Now I’m here
I’m safe in your arms
My expected end, all you promised to me and even more
I’m coming home again
This time I’m staying in your presence
It is the safest place for me
I receive Your love
I’m surrounded by the arms of the one
Who has brought me out of darkness and into His marvellous light
So everybody knows that I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded

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