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Christian Rapper, Legendary David Judah Pens Record Deal With CONRAD MUZIK, Releases New Single



Chicago Illinois based Conrad Muzik announces the signing of rising Christian Rap artiste Legendary David Judah.
Conrad Muzik the brain child of Nick Omor-Agbonifo MD was founded in 2015 in Chicago Illinois, USA and extended to Nigeria in 2017 under the Umbrella of Gold & Gladys Media, a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Laws of the Federation, 2004.
Conrad Muzik is dedicated to sourcing and highlighting the best trans-generational sounds and Conrad work in every aspect of modern entertainment with record artists, producers and song writers.
According to the Manager of the label, Barr. Chike, ”In Conrad, we master the art of thinking with sound and also support our divergent roster of talents through artist management, music publishing, touring and strategic personal brand development”.
David Beke aka Legendary David Judah is a Gospel rapper/singer like no other. Judah was born and raised in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His love hip-hop began over a decade ago with his inspiration for music stemming from a constant exposure to the sounds of Coolio and the Fugees’ 96/97 album which was on constant repeat in his home.
David is a young and talented singer who pours out his soul in songs and his heart in service to God and humanity. He communicates his faith through songs and raps. He believes in his God and also in himself and this rings through every note of his raps and songs. He does a brand of gospel music that blends secular sound with an uplifting devotional message.
He ministers with a unique healing anointing which he joyously brings to the people. He has performed alongside international gospel acts like Tim Godfrey; Sammie Okposo, Eben. Joe Praise, Freke Umoh and Onos Ariyo.
David Judah began receiving national recognition after releasing his first underground track ‘Dunamis’ back in 2014.
Also speaking about their future plans, Conrad management said ”Conrad is desirous of promoting David Judah to be the best Gospel Artiste in the World by bringing out the raw talent in him and ensure that his music hits the global stage.
It is also our plan to hook David up with international players in the music world and ensure that he his regular on the world stage”.
Check out Legendary David Judah’s latest single titled ”Feel Okay”.
”Feel Okay its an Afro hip hop song with a jazz feel reaching to your soul Saying many times you go through situations and you wonder why, but if you can count your blessings you will FEEL OKAY”. Legendary David Judah

you know sometimes you dey go through situations you dey like “God when you go show up for me nau?”

You dey always dey count the things when be say God never do for you but mehnn, if you dey learn how to count the things GOD don do for you omo boy I swear ehhn kai my people YOU GO FEEL OK.

Sometimes e get as e be mehnn
Sometimes e get as e dey
But omo no dey complain jes count your blessings you go feel OK.
Yea you go feel OK
You go feel OK
Omo dem dey ask you kilode?
You dey hustle from sun up to sun down nothing to show for nothing to make you smile
Things go work out if you work your faith
That’s what the Pastor say that’s what the people say your help is on the way your blessings dey come you go see a new dawn
Be like you no dey believe enough
The more you try d more thing go dey rough
Lord see Chima and yemi don blow when you go do my own nau?
When u go make me shine?
When u go do my own nau?
I no dey young again nau
Listen pal he must be working on something keep your head up and never give up. Walaii
Sometimes e get as e be mehnn
Sometimes e get as e dey
But omo no dey complain jes count your blessings you go feel OK.
Yea you go feel OK
You go feel OK and you go throw your hands up like this allday
Yea u go feel OK
You go feel OK
You and your people get to party like this all day
It’s not too late to believe in God
It’s never too late to put your trust in God
Just stick to the word you go get reward God go show up soon He won’t be long
Remember Job or Hannah Remember Paul and Silas , Hezekiah, King David, dey hold God till e show up for them
This things dey written omo so we go learn
Na who dey feed the birds of the air?
Na who dey clothe the grass of the field?
Abi na you?
Abi no be God?
Na you dey gee d monkey banana?
Sometimes jes ask yourself, I know you wonna sitdown jes blast yourself
You no fit tell me say God never try you no fit deny datwan go be lie
I know say Oluchi don born,
I know say Nkechi don marry
Listen no be who first get dey get last God go show up soon my guy jes relax walaii
Sometimes e get as e be mehnn
Sometimes e get as e dey
But omo no dey complain jes count your blessings you go feel OK.
Yea You go feel okay ,
You go feel okay and you go throw your hands up like this all day
Yea you go feel okay yea you go feel okay you and your people get to party like this allday.
You be like o Lord abeg speak to me,
Time no dey again Abeg speak to me.
My faith dey fail me Abeg speak talk to me,
This things wen dem dey yan no be make believe.
[God Speaking] I AM the Lord GOD!
Is there anything too hard for me to do?
Who calls the stars by name, who made the sun to rule by day
Who showed the waters were to stay?
Who told the eagles where to play?
Why do you fear, why do you fear why do you care?
I told you cast your cares on me
I showed you you could count on me,
Yea I was there when you walk through the waters and fire who kept you, who kept you and picked u up every time that you felt life kicked you off
O boy I can set you up, your unbelief sounds so ridiculous
I can set you up amongst things set you up amongst kings if you only believe
Sometimes e get as e be mehnn
Sometimes e get as e dey
But omo no dey complain jes count your blessings you go feel OK.

Connect with Legendary David Judah
Instagram; legendarydavidjudah
Twitter; @ask4davidjudah
Connect with Conrad Muzik
Twitter/Instagram; conradmuzik

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