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Music: Changed Man Ft. Jid Vocals & Wordsmith Benedict ~ Jeremiah Coker [@Jeremiah_Coker]



Every life has a past, and some pasts may not be as pleasant as one thought. Great news is the future is always filled with hope, that brings us to the present. This brings us to the realization that somewhere, the future did bring about something refreshingly new, and that is Change” which is evidently seen and can be testified of.
Changed man is that testimony of change many wish they could express of transformation and maturity in Christ Jesus.
It is a song of the mighty hand of God preserving the destiny that the devil had eyed to destroy because he knew it would draw men out from hell into the glory of heaven.
The welcoming of a prodigal son back into the arms of a loving father.
It is a song to encourage everyone still struggling with sin to come back to a place of reconciliation with God by admitting our sins, being ready to forsake them, and starting the walk into purpose and fulfilment of the initial plan God had by creating you and I.
Through this song addiction will be broken, curses will be lifted, brokenness will be healed, wasted years restored, filthiness washed away… Every listener will receive the power to walk in the new life of God, by the power of His Holy Spirit. Listen and hear God speak to you, through every word sung, they are true words, true testimonies.
God is indeed mighty to save.
Enjoy Changed Man by Jeremiah Coker featuring Jid Vocals and Wordsmith Benedict.
Changed people are saints picked up from the dirt and cleaned up. Ya’ll listen to this.
Intro chorus.
I’m a changed man
God changed me
I’m a changed man
Cos Christ now lives in me
I’m a changed man
God changed me
I’m a changed man
I’m nolonger who I used to be.
Main Chorus:
I’m a changed man
God changed me
I’m a changed man
His spirit now dwells in me
I’m a changed man
God changed me
I’m a changed man
I’m no longer where I used to be.
Verse1 by Jeremiah Coker
I used to be a drunk, I use to steal, lie and cheat.
I used to be a smoker and I used to womanize.
I used to go to church, but I was never born again.
Praying for blessings every now and then but it never came.
My life got to a point, that I felt I felt every hope was lost.
Right at this moment, Christ said it was time for ‘Change’……
Christ said to me my son you’ve always prayed for blessings….
Do you really want these blessings that you pray for to come to you?
It will only come, if you make your ways right with God. He’ll give you peace o  everyside.
He’s the master of the universe
Jehovah Jireh
The God that changes lives.
Sing main chorus.
Verse 2 by Wordsmyth
Taking a walk down memory lane
Seeing how my whole life and everything is changed. (Everything’s changed)
Before now I was going insane
Wallowing in sin and drowning in pain.
You see I was a preachers son, but you wont believe all the things I done.
Encasarated by the prince of ‘MASTURBATION’ until you stepped in and you set me free.
Sing main chorus.
Verse 3 by Jid-Vocals
Lusting after fleshly thoughts
Evil desires brewing in my mind.
My heart is so dirty, dirty, filthy.
Oh oh oh yeah.
Moving from sin to sin, super lost in ‘ PONOGRAPHY’ difficult to raise my heart to worship.
Jesus came took all, of my sins are gone. Standing tall can’t you see am a changed man.
Call: I’m no longer where I was, cos
Christ now lives in me
Res: I’m no longer where I was (All 2x)
Call: Changed man changed man
No longer where I used to be
Res: Changed man changed man
No longer where I used to be
Call: Changed man changed man
No longer where I used to be
Res:  Changed man changed man.
Jeremiah Femi Coker is a fusion of the many gifts of God in an individual.
He started from childhood at The Divine Latter Times Gospel Ministry, Jos, children’s choir and continued to serve till his early adult years in the choir at God’s own Liberation Ministries,Jos.
Then proceeded to Port-Harcourt and was with The Communion Church as a drummer from 2005-2009,till he became the music director/Praise Team Leader from 2009-2011, From February 2011. He moved to The Communion Church, Victoria Island Lagos, where he became the assistant music director/praise team leader.
In 2012 he came back to his home base, jos , and served with Pastor Obed and The Father Heart Ministries.
And On the 27th of January 2013, Just Worship Family Ministries, which he founded,was inaugurated and since then JWFM has been having concerts and worship meetings around Nigeria.
Jeremiah Femi Coker is a recording artist,a praise leader,an instrumentalist and,presently the music director/praise team leader at God’s Own Liberation Ministries,Jos.
He is also a teacher of the word and a voice training coach.
The grace of God upon his life,has caused him to share the same platform with great music ministers such as, Dr Panam Percy Paul, Sammie Okposo, Efe Nathan, Asu Ekiye, Chioma Jesus, Midnight Crew, Tope Alabi. Elijah Oyelade.Freke Umoh, Obed Akanya, Pita, Rev Victor Atenaga, Akpororo, Nosa, Kingsley Ike, Soji Isreal, Chris Morgan, Daps and Afy Douglas.
He recently had his band, team SBAAG (Saved By An Awesome God) inaugurated under the JWFM ministry and it is thriving well.
He is passionate about the things of God, gospel music and is out to train and raise Spirit filled and purpose driven music ministers in and outside Nigeria.
The anticipation of his second single ‘CHANGED MAN’ has been high and finally it’s here. This is after his first single “Man of Galilee” which was released over a year which has been such a  blessing.
This time “Changed man” is preceded by the #Not Ashamed”campaign which kicked off on the 1st of October.
Backed up by the scripture from Rom1:16.
He is happily married to his heartthrob,Marie who is his number one fan and greatest support for the vision and work ahead.
Twitter | Instagram: @Jeremiah_Coker

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