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Article: Boomsha Series – "Identity Crisis" By Rapsodee [@IamRapsody]



In the box office hit movie “The Equalizer” we are made to know that the two most important dates in a man’s life are; 1) The day he is born, and 2) the day he finds out why. Discovering the answer to life’s questions has always been the deepest need of man.. More powerful than his need for self-preservation. See,that’s why curiosity killed the cat! Lol.. Now where am i going with this?
Well, since the inception of the #Boomsha series, i have been deluged with a flood of conflicting opinions and views on the various subjects i have written on. At first, i was bewildered by the apparent disunity amongst the christian community as to its position on certain issues until it dawned on me;the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. This whole controversy is only a reflection of an inner conflict, an inner struggle in the minds of many young Christians: an identity crisis!
The truth is, until we come to definite understanding of who we are as individual christians and as to what specific purpose God has called us to, we will remain stuck in an identity crisis. We will remain in a state of uncertainty as to whether to be this or that, secular or gospel? Artiste or minister? We will keep having pastors who would have impacted the world better as politicians.. Wack artistes who should have kept their day jobs and remain great music fans.. Bankers who would have made fantastic businessmen.. Now lets bring it closer home.. We would keep having great solo artistes who are still trapped in the church choir and music ministers who would have fared better on secular platforms.. Yea.. I said it
When a christian artiste chooses to take his music out of the confines of conventional worship and express his artistry using less religious channels, his decision is usually viewed with distrust and resentment by the christian community.. Why? The church has trust issues! And rightly so.. Bearing in mind the rampant cases of betrayal of trust by christian artistes who crossed-over and ended up blending with the crowd. The church has a bagful of sad stories of such promising talent who got on secular platforms and ended up promoting the same vices they were taught to shun in Sunday school. Of course the church has trust issues.. Wouldn’t you?
However, do we throw out the baby with the bathwater? Aren’t there christian artistes who genuinely craft music without religious overtones and bless the world with their gift outside the confines of the church. I believe there are! These unique bunch of people dont fit into your regular church setting.. They dont sing songs for the average church-goer. Their songs are not well-received in religious circles but they do have a growing followership outside the church. They are not the type you invite to minister at your annual convention or church harvest.. Ironically tho..Their uniqueness doesnt get them much love on the other side.. The world senses something different about them and abhors their nonconformity with popular thinking.. Their songs preach without preaching.. They are not entertaining enough..They are not at home there either.. So they remain stuck between a rock and a hard place.. Between a church with trust-issues and a world with God-issues. Theirs is a thankless job..
Sadly, some of them buckle under the pressure and choose to blend in with the crowd thereby adding more fuel to the controversy..some others scamper back to the safety of the church with their tails tucked between trembling limbs..only a handfull remain to slog it out in this jungle called the music industry.. You will find them on secular platforms; Reality TV shows, Nite clubs and other music events. They are outsiders.. outliers..They are one of your own.. Fighting behind enemy lines..Its a tight-rope they walk on.. A long hard road with more discouragement from friends than enemies..
Sometimes they just want to come home to their Father’s house and rest their weary feet by  the fire.. Just for a spell.. But when they do.. will you be waiting with open arms? .. or a stone? .. for one of your own.

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