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Article: Boomsha Series – #Devil In Your Mirror By Rapsodee [@IamRapsody]



The greatest enemy of man is not Lucifer..Nah..He has no such claim to
greatness regardless of how many fingers we point in his direction. He
only takes the second place position. Man has a greater enemy..more
dangerous..and infinitely more destructive. Even more alarming is the
fact that this enemy lives in our homes,eats our food and spends our
money…it sure gives a new definition to the phrase “Sleeping with the
So who is this enemy that has crept up into our beds unawares and is
killing us softly underneath the sheets? Well,this enemy is not hard
to find..Just get yourself a mirror and look into it..see..that’s the
enemy right there staring back at you..that’s the one you should
watch..that’s your real enemy. This enemy is a sum total of your
negative emotions, weaknesses and self-limiting beliefs.This is the
enemy you should wage war against for the rest of your life..cos,trust
me..This enemy is not dying until you do.
Sadly, religion has taught people to swing the searchlight away from
ourselves and blame our troubles on other people or Supernatural
forces. It is easier to believe that your husband ‘s secretary is
responsible for the failure of your marriage instead of your constant
nagging.The reason your business is failing is because your village
witches are on your case and not because you treat customers with
disrespect and deliver shoddy jobs..Nope! Its the devil! So we attend
prayer meetings and pray death on our enemies while the real devil
watches Africa Magic in our living rooms.
You see.. More than praying against generational curses, we ought to
fight against generational mindsets. We must wage war against the
limiting beliefs that have been passed down from parents to children.
Beliefs like “Life is hard”, “You cant get a good job without
connections”, “some things are only meant for the rich not people like
us”..Im talking about inferiority complexes we have acquired from
childhood reinforced by the environment we grew up in that have
stopped us from dreaming big and made us settle for the status quo.
Our education is wasted if it has not changed the way we perceive our
future and God’s Word is made of no effect when we do not dare to
reach for heigher heights.
The devil is in your mirror, my friend. Love youself but work on your
weaknesses. Accept yourself but not your limitations. Discover more
about God and you will find your true essence. Remember,Lucifer is not
your problem..the real devil is right in front of your mirror. Fight
the good fight of Faith..Fight to win..How do you fight to win? Rest
on the finished works of Christ..Accept Jesus as Lord over your life
and allow Him change you from the inside out..The rest na champion
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