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Article: Boomsha Series – #Breaking Up With Teddy By Rapsodee [@IamRapsody]



“When i was a child, I spoke and thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things”
                        1 Corinthians 13:11
Just the other day, I had the doubtful privilege of hitching a ride on a ‘molue’ bus in thanks,to the artificial fuel scarcity. Having spent several hours at the bus stop with no taxi in sight, myself and other stranded commuters gladly welcomed the arrival of this mechanical good samaritan belching noxious fumes and carbon monoxide. Nobody protested as the driver calmly told us the fare was three times the normal fee as we huddled in his jalopy and prayed we got to our destination safely before his machine fell apart.
However,as the conductor made the rounds and collected the fare,it wasnt just his unruly conduct that drew my attention, it was his age. He looked really talking late 50’s! Yeah..Dude was really old! I gaped in surprise for a spell before i caught myself and quickly looked away. Many questions flashed across my mind. What in the world had kept him in a job like this all these years? Why was he still trapped in a job he had probably started as a teenager? What had happened or not happened to him? What was his story?
Then I heard screams from the back of the bus..Oh dear, the same conductor was in a scuffle wt a passenger. I could hear him cursing out the younger man as they heaved and tossed each other from one end of the bus to the other. We quickly intervened and separated the combatants more out of fear of the fight causing our bus to have an accident than out of concern for the bus conductor who was obviously taking a pounding. However,all through the journey we had to endure the rantings of the embittered conductor. He made sure he heaped abuses on the young man as well as on any other person who dared to voice an opinion. He used every curse word in the book as well as others not in the book. He sure had a lot of work experience in that
Then it dawned on me..Finally, i realized the answer to the questions i had been pondering. This was it..The conductor hadnt broken up with Teddy! Who in the world is Teddy? In the ordinary sense, Teddy refers to the toys of our childhood. All the kiddie stuff we grew up and left behind. However, in a deeper sense, Teddy symbolizes the childish and immature mindset we once possessed and which we used to see our world. However, as we progress in life, we unlearn that which we had perceived as truth and learn that which ought to be our current understanding of the world and how it actually works. You see..that was the real issue. The conductor had aged but had not matured. He had increased in height and stature but never really grown. He had refused to break up with Teddy.
How about you, my friend? Are you really growing or just adding weight? Are you really learning or just acquiring knowledge? Have you really broken up with Teddy? We will talk about this some more next week..See ya!
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