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Audio: Akikitan ~ Tobi Olorunsola



Nigeria Gospel Music Minister and worship leader Tobi Olorunsola releases her new single titled “Akikitan.”

About the artist: Minister Tobi Olorunsola is the President of House of David Ministries, A worship leader, a teacher, and a writer. She’s the author of the Daily Praise Guide, From whom all blessings flow amongst others.

She’s a full-time minister and a mentor to her numerous protegees.
She’s happily married to Eng. Saint Olorunsola and they are Blessed with two amazing boys.


Akikitan Lyrics:
Akikitan- Inexhaustible praise
Kabiyesi- Your Majesty
Atobatele – Worthy of Royalty.
Obagbogbo Oba-King of all Kings
Oba tin gbadobale oba-
KING who recieve homege from kings
Oba tin robaloye: KING  who dethrone KingsOba to ba towore gbase: OUR KING whom other kings recieves instruction from.

Alade wura: HE wears a crown of gold
Onile goolu: His habitation is full treasures.

Gbigbiniki bi ate ileke: Immeasurable GOD
Ewa ode Orun: The Beauty of heaven
Ewa tin fewa soni delewa: The Beauty that uses His beauty to beautify his children.
Ogo tin fogo soni dologo HE’S the GLORY that glorifies us with HIS GLORY
Oro tin foro sonidoloro: HE is the WORD and HE makes us wealthy by HIS WORD
Ogbon to gbon koja ogbon: Wisdom that is wiser than all wisdom.
Imo to mo koja imo: HE’s the knowledge that knows more than all knowledge
Eleni ateka : He spreads the earth like mat
Gbongbo idile jese: The root of Jesse
Olodumare to fade ogo rera bi aso: He wears a crown of gold like cloth
Araba nla tin maye kijikiji: The stronghold moving the whole earth.
Arugbo ojo: Ancient of days
Adagbamaparooye: Never changing ageless GOD
Oloruko aperire: Name that brings goodness when He’s called
Oruko tin gbe oruko mimi: Name that swallow other names
Oro tin gbo oro mi: Word that swallow words
Asaju ogun: The Captain of Hosts
Akeyin Ogun: The omega of battles
Apari ogun kato rogun: The One who finishes battle before the battle
Agbeninija keru obonija: Our Fearful Advocate
Ina tin gbenami: Fire that swallow fire
Okikà tin kaye laya: The Incredible GOD
Oba tio se mu: Untouchable GOD
Oba tio se pa: Invincible GOD
Eru tin deru beru: The Fear that makes fear to fear
Eru tin gbe eru mi: The Fear that swallow fear
Benbe oju ona to soro li fesu jo: The Drum no devil must dance to
Sonso ori abeere to oso ati aje ogbodo gbemi: Strong Needle witches must not swallow
Asorokolu bi ogiri gbigbe: Too Deadly to confront.
Baba mi : My Father
Ija tio se ja: The fight that cannot ne fought.
Ogun tio se se: The battle that cannot be conquered
Oro tio o se so: The Word that cannot be spoken
Agbekumi ma raun : He swallowed death in victory
To wole iku tipile tipile: He destroyed the death completely
Afiku soni dalaye: He by His death made us live
Oba tin seru domo: He turned slaves to sons
Adade redi ogun: He wears His crown to battle front
Owo kenbe rebi ija: HE goes to battle in His royal attire.
Monamona to soju orun sarara: He lightens the heaven and it thundereth
Kiniun eya Judah: The Lion of the tribe of Judah
Akoda aye: The Creator of the earth
Aseda orun: The Maker of Heaven
Orisun ohungbogbo: The Source of everything
Ibèere ibeere: The begining of beginnings
Ibeere ti o lopin: The Beginning that has no end.
Opin tio se pari: The end that cannot be ended.
Awuwo masegbe: Too heavy to be carried
Ako matika leyin: He never support the wicked
Baba mi: My Father
Oro to saju oro: The Word before word
Oruko to saju oruko: Name before name
Ipilese to saju ipilese: Root before root
Baba alabanla to ba lohungbogbo: The owner of the whole world and all that is in it.
Baba tin se baba fun baba: The Father of fathers
Alade tin dade falade The one who crowns the crowned
Abanilaleje wankan tonile oje: The Visitor that feeds the visited
Aran omo nise ba omo se: The one who sends and helps
Aran omo ni se saju omo de be: The One who sends and goes before the sent
Oba tin sogbo dile: He creates road in the wilderness
Ojo ola toto darade: Our reliable future
Omoran to mo oyun inu igbin: All knowing God
Akoni basen koni: The One who teaches us how to teach
Abiamo tin sabiamo fabiamo tin ka abiamo ba sen sa biyamo: The Parent of parents that teaches parents parenting.
Ore Olooto: Faithful Friend
Afunimagbalowo eni: The Lord who give us eternal gifts
Ina ti o se pa: Unquenchable fire
Oba tenikan osaju: The first
Oba tenikan ogbeyin re: The Last
Oko gbogbo Obirin: The Husband of all women
Akikitan:God of Inexhaustible praise
Akaikatan Unquantifiable GOD
Apepetan: Infinite God
Aniinitan: Inexaustible God
Awawatan: Unsearchable
Akeketan: Irrefutable
Afunilafuntan: His gifts are without repentance
Afenilafetan: His loves completely.
Amonilamotan: His knows completely
Apenilapetan: His calls completely
Agbanilagbatan: He saves completely
Akeni lakeju: He over lavishes his love on us
Ogigbatin gba eni to leeyan: The help of the helped.
Atodarade:Unswerving God
Ato sinmile: Reliable God
Ato gbekele: Dependable God
Ato fokantan:  Unfailing GOD
Atope loba: In His Kingship we are satisfied.
Atoni: Our satisfaction
Atoke: Sufficient to love
Atoge: Sufficient to honor
Atosin: Sufficient to worship
Oloruko egbagbeje: God of numerous names
Alade tin fade de alade: HE who crowns the crowned
Oba to ko jo pipe: Our King that is greater than any accolades
Oba to koja yinyin: Our King that is greater than any praise
Oba to koja mimo: Our King that is greater than all knowledge
Oluko awon oluko: Teacher of teachers
Olusho aguntan awon olusho aguntan: Shepherd of shepherds
Ijoba tio ni saa: His reign is without incumbency
Adurotinimafinisile: Our Eternal stay.
Adajo olododo: The Righteous Judge
Eleje gege: The biro blooded God
Eleje tin fohun bi eeya: The Blood that speaks
Atokun igbala emi wa: The anchor of our salvation
Aanu to faanu saanu mi: Mercy that had mercy on us
Ore elese: The Lover of sinners
Ona otito ati iye: The way, The Truth and The life
Afeni kotodani: He loved us before He created us
Amonikoto nini: He knew us before He owned us
Alasepe igbagbo: The Finisher of our Faith
Awimayehin: Faithful God
Asoromaye: His word never fail
Iwo ni Ipe: You are our call
Aanu: Our Mercy
Ore ofe: Our Grace
Alaafia:Our Peace
Ogo: Our Glory
Ewa: Our beauty
Iyi:Our Honour
Ola: Our Wealth
Oruko to ga ju gbogbo oruko lo: NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES
Oseki: You cannot be praised
Baba mi akikitan: Your praise is inexhaustible
Oloruko egbagbeje: Your names are numerous
Olorukorepete: Uncountable names
Iwo loba nile alawo dudu: You are the King of the blacks
Iwo loba nile alawo funfun: You are the King of the whites
Atererekariaye: The King of the whole world
Kabio osi: Unquestionable God
Ohun to ba se asegbe: Whatever you do you is final
Kabiyesi o: Your Royalty
Kabeyesi: Your Majesty
Mose iba ooooo: I bow before YOU.

Connect with her on social media via:
Facebook: Tobi Olorunsola
Instagram: @Tobolorunsola

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