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Audio & Video: Delight ~ Enkay Ogboruche Ft. Judikay [Twitter | Instagram | Facebook: @OfficialEnkay]



“Delight” is an embodiment of our testimony in Christ as believers. It casts light on the unwavering love that God has for us. Culled from and inspired by Isaiah 64:4, “Delight” will fan the flames of the love of the Father in your heart as you listen and cause you to walk in the revelation of how Christ sees us.

Minister Judikay features on this track and she comes with a heavy anointing and a stoic confidence in her convictions of who she is in Christ.

The combination of these minstrels gave the song all that it needed to drive the message home.

Download “Delight” by Minister Enkay Ogboruche featuring Minister Judikay and update your playlist as you set the tone for your reality.

      1. Delight - Enkay Ogboruche Ft. Judikay
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Watch the video below:


Those are the names I used to be called
But all of that has changed

A Mistake
Those were the names they used to call me
But all of that has changed

Now you call me Beulah
I am your delight
You call me Hephzibah
I am your delight

Adlibs in chorus (Enkay)
You call me beulah
I am your delight
My lover
You call me beulah
You call me hephzibah

Verse 2:
Now I am free
And I am chosen
No longer bound by the words of men
Because you’ve changed my name

Now I am free o
I am loved
Yes I am chosen
No longer bound by the opinions of men
Because you’ve changed my name

Adlibs by Judikay
You call me Beulah (I am your delight)
Jesus you call me hepzibah
My Jesus you changed my story
You changed my name
No chains are holding me

Adlibs by Enkay
Yes you call me Beulah (I am you delight)
I am your delight 2x
Who am I that you are so mindful of
You call me hepzibah

I am your delight 2x
You delight in me
I delight in you
I am your delight
I am loved
I am chosen
I am wanted
I am yours
I am yours
I’m your bride
I am yours

I am your delight 2x
I’m approved
Holy, blameless
I am your delight
You pour your love on me
Shower me with your love

Thank you Jesus
Never will I be called desolate
No longer will I be called forsaken
Accepted in the beloved
The case is closed
There is no more condemnation
You are blameless
You are Justified
You are approved
Jesus justified you
Jesus sanctified you
Full of joy

I am your delight (I am your delight)
Who am I that you are so mindful of (I am your delight)
You reached out for me
Showered me with love
I am yours!
I am yours!


Nkiruka Gift Ogboruche, fondly called Enkay Ogboruche, is a music minister with an evangelical and prophetic unction, recording artiste, seasoned songwriter and music arranger.

Enkay Ogboruche, who has many years of experience as a recording artiste has two albums to her credit: Kingdom Anthem and The Bridge. These albums contains songs like ‘Yes you are the Lord’, ‘Salute’ featuring Kierra Sheard amongst others and have become global tools of worship. Currently, she is set to release her third album and held a live recording event to that effect.

Her passion for next generational impact has moved her to carry out numerous charitable initiatives and outreaches that positively impact her community and society.

She is married to Dr. Timothy Ogboruche and they are blessed with three sons.


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