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Audio: God’s Love ~ Ignis Voices



Gospel Choir Band, Ignis Voices releases a new single titled “God’s Love”.

The song talks about the undying love of God for us. Despite our wrongs and imperfection, he still loves us and this unconditional love is so real. And He deserves our praises.

Ignis Voices is an amazing choir from the Flame of Praise Int’l Outreach. The choir consists of unique singers and musicians with different gifts and talents. We are known for our variety in different genres of gospel songs.

God’s love” is a unique and amazing song, with dynamic instrumentation and vocal delivery.

Lyrics – Gods love By Ignis Voices

Come on jam those hands together for Jesus
If you know you serve an amazing God
His love is overwhelming
His love is everlasting

Somebody scream
Come on put those hands together

Come on

Verse 1:
He’ll never give up on me
(That’s right come on)
Cause I know, I know this love is real
He’ll never give up on believing in me
I’ll praise Him as I go

God’s love for me never dies
(Do I got some witness)
His unconditional love I felt is real (yeah)
nobody can love me like you do (yeah)
I’ll praise Him as I go

(Come on everybody put your hands together, say)


Jesus Loves my soul
(His love is patient)
In His mercy I am thriving
(His love is Kind)

In His glory I am risen
(Nobody can love me like you do)
To forever sing
He loves my soul

Jesus Loves my soul
(He’s not a man)
In His mercy I am thriving
(No one can understand His ways)

In His glory I am risen
(Do I got some witness tonight)
To forever sing
He loves my soul

(Ehh Jesus loves my soul)
Jesus Loves my soul
(Ehh in His Mercy I am thriving)
In His mercy I am thriving

(He never gives up on me)
In His glory I am risen
to forever sing (To forever sing)
He loves my soul ( He loves my soul)

(Oh oh oh yeah)
Jesus Loves my soul
(Everyday every moment, He holds me in His hands)
In His mercy I am thriving

(His love never ends)
In His glory I am risen (I am risen)
To forever sing (To forever sing)
He loves my soul (He loves my soul)

Everybody scream
Come on, His love is amazing
His love is everlasting
His love is overwhelming
Do we got some witness?

Somebody Scream
God’s love is amazing
God’s love oh oh oh
Everybody sing

God’s love Is Amazing (oh oh oh oh)
God’s love (Come on)

God’s love, overwhelming
God’s love (Everybody Scream)
unchanging (God’s love)

God’s love (That’s what is keeping me)
Is Amazing
God’s love (No one can love me like you do, no no no no)

God’s love
God’s love (Everybody)

God’s love (God’s Love)
Is Amazing (Is amazing)
God’s love (Unending)
Everlasting (Overwhelming)

God’s love (Though I don’t deserve it still runs after me)
God’s love
Unchanging (God’s love)

Oh oh oh yeah
That’s right

Verse 2:
One time
One time

Come on
I never found a love like this
I never thought a man like me

would be loved by a God like (His) He’s
Watching right behind my scenes (sins)
Was troubled with my life crisis
Now I’m down on my knees

(Seven) 7 days like an adventist
With my head up to the skies overseas
they try to make me fall,
But you got me sky diving

And because it’s only by your mercies
I’m thriving, surviving
your love the only reason why I’m rapping
You never gave up on me

I’m vital
(Oh oh oh oh)
I see the reason why you saved my soul
Blessing me Double double

like each and every dice I roll
(Oh oh oh)
Watching While I play my role
God’s love got my life unfold

His love is (Oh oh oh oh)
overwhelming and the difference amazingly tells me
that He loves my soul enough to let me
partake in His mercy everlasting (Oh oh oh)

I was lost but then He found me,
never will I disappoint Him
Grab the mic, and then I’m telling

(He loves my soul oh oh oh)
He loves my soul
(Yeah His love is amazing)
He loves my soul

(His love is everlasting,
Oh no no no have you ever seen a love like this)
He loves my soul
(Oh He loves my soul oh oh oh)

He love my soul
(He loves my soul oh oh oh oh yeah)
(Somebody scream)
(Oh no no no no no no no no no yeah)

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