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Audio: Overflow ~ Rhoda Gandy [Instagram: @Pastor_Rhoda]



United States based minister Rhoda Gandy is out with a brand new song titled “Overflow.
About Rhoda Gandy
Min. Rhoda Gandy is a seasoned and richly worded minister, song-writer and recording Artiste who is passionate about soul winning and kingdom matters, no wonder she states
“It is the perfect will of God for me to live the fullness of his purpose for my life,
to worship Jesus Christ in Spirit and truth with my Whole life.
Impacting the word with the testimonies of our Lord Jesus Christ through heavenly sounds and soul winning, bringing people from darkness into God’s marvelous light.
Min Rhoda Gandy has great passion for the word of God and God’s people. She’s a wife and a mother of 4 blessed children. Rhoda Gandy was born in Nigeria and currently based in America. She released her first Single My Turn from the album “HOLY’ 12/12/2017. Rhoda Gandy released her first album “HOLY”June 23, 2018. Min Rhoda Gandy takes pleasure in putting smile on the face of Jesus Christ.
OVERFLOW – Rhoda Gandy
VS 1
Lord I praise You
For my blessings
Can’t give up now
I’ve come this far
I heard a sound
It’s the sound of abundance
Rejoice oh my soul
As I stand at Heaven’s door
Lord I praise You for my blessings
Open up the Heavens
Let it overflow
VS 2
Sitting here thinking about this situation
(Yeah) I heard the Lord said to me
Child, I am your salvation
Don’t loose your vision
while you’re chasing your ambition
So I sat back and count my blessings
And named them one by one
It’s amazing what the Lord has done for me
Over the years
Lord I’m grateful
As I stand at heaven’s door
Lord I give You all the praises
Out of my belly
Shall flow rivers of Living water
Let it overflow
The rivers of water
The rivers of victory
The rivers of glory
Let it overflow
The rivers of fire
The rivers of breakthrough
The rivers of blessings
The rivers of abundance
Let it overflow
Let it overflow (BGVs)
The rain of peace
The rain of freedom
The rain of revival
Let Your anointing overflow
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