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Lifter of My Head ~ Peter Ihegie



Following the release of his previous song ‘My Story’, veteran Gospel Music Minister, Peter Ihegie debuts his new single titled ”Lifter of My Head.”
Drawn from  God’s word (Psalms 3:3)   ‘Lifter of My Head’ is a song that expound the greatness and goodness of our God, mostly in our challenged times.
The understanding of God’s Faithfulness, Mercy and love is an antidote to neutralize the tricks of the enemy.
When we acknowledge that God is with us everyday, we place ourselves under His love where we are covered by grace and provision come rain or shine.


For thou Lord, who made all

The lands, oceans and hills

You’re a shield round about me

Oh oh oh

And the lifter of my head

You’re the one who created

All life both land and sea

You’re a shield round about me

Oh oh oh

And the lifter of my head

For thou Lord, My maker

You have, opened my eyes

To see your glory

You have changed my story

Today I, I Desire

To dwell in this glory

Everyday I live

It’s now my testimony

One day just dwelling in your courts

Is so much better than

What the world could offer me

Under your wings I will abide

No better place I’d rather be


From the morning dawn

To the setting of the sun

Your hand I feel upon me

You’re the lifter of my head

And when the night is over

I will see the sun appear

Your grace I know surrounds me

You’re the lifter of my head



After you’ve prayed

Wipe away your tears

Lift your hands to heaven

Giving thanks to the Lord

Your tomorrow will be better today

Open your mouth

And declare with me

I’m winning/4x

Lifted of my head


The lifter of my head

The lifter of my head

Thou oh Lord

Are the lifter of my head




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