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Audio: Iwoni Oba ~ Favour George [Instagram: @favourgeorgemusic]



Nigerian based gospel artiste, Favour George is on another level, redefining what worship is. The multi-award winner & songwriter; who has earned many awards and honours to her name with songs like Addicted, Endless Praise, Your Love, to mention a few drops her newest hit single “Iwoni Oba”.
Iwoni Oba, is a song written out of deep gratitude to God for His endless show of love and grace to the minister (Favour George). After looking at his infinite mercies, she proclaims God in her lyrics as King (Iwoni Oba).
Loaded with powerful declaration of God’s majesty, Iwoni Oba builds from a soft homogeneous sound to a euphoria of melodious harmonies. The song is fortified with Yoruba chant declaring God’s royalty. This energy grows into the vamp in a burst of harmonies. The song indeed is what we need, as a new sound for a new worship.
Favour George’s minstry to date is astounding and its effect has been felt both locally and internationally. With vocal prowess so strong, it is plain to see why she is filled with so much gratitude.
Get ‘Iwoni Oba’ on lockdown. It holds zero limits, and is set to break records.
Watch video below;
Iwoni Oba
Lord I praise your name
Iwoni Oba
Lord I worship you
Iwoni Oba
You’re the king of kings
That’s who you are 2x
Iwoni Oba
Lord I praise your name
Iwoni Oba
Lord I worship you
Iwoni Oba
You’re the king of kings
That’s who you are 2x
Kabiesi re o olodumare.
Your majesty God almighty.
Oru osupa irawowo le fu orore idabiruara.
The moon and stars bow before Him, His words is like thunder.
Iwo tokunri tosa jordani pada seyin.
The sea sees you and overflows and Jordan flows backward.
Ojoko ni orun, ofi aye se apoti itise.
He who sit in the heaven and the earth is His footstool.
Okan lana okan loni okan titi ayeraye.
The only one of yesterday, today, and forever more.
Okoja ogbon ati imo eniyan, baba mi iba.
You are beyond human knowledge and wisdom, your majesty my father.
Ate rere ooooo
The one who spread round the world
Connect with Favour George
Twitter: iamfavourgeorge
Instagram: favourgeorgemusic
Facebook: Favour B. George
YouTube Channel: Favour George Music

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