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Dara O ~ Aria B



Adeboye Bose Hannah musically known as Aria B is a Nigerian Gospel Minister based in Abuja, a praise expert who started singing in 2008. Her debut single Dara O a heart felt song that speaks on the Goodness of God.

Dara O is considered a message to the world and to the entire body of Christ. Featuring the sensational Sunny Dave and produced by the Amazing E’keyz.

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I thank God say
My matter no fit be the same like yesterday
Cos baba name
Na the name wey pass every other name for me o/2x

I thank God oooooo
My matter no fit be the same
Like yesterday
Cos baba name na the name wey pass every other name for me o

God your blessings
follow me follow me follow me
You rain down your Grace and your light on me
You poured  out the rivers of your love from your throne
As you bless me
I ‘ll tell the whole world say

Call :Olorun mi Dara o
Res: Olorun mi Dara o
Call:esee baba o
Res:esee baba o

one two three sounds the beat
but my life has been like a dream since when i was a kid
so,i never had the chance i was brought up on the street
but thanks be to the God who came to leave in me
so tell me
if my life was never straight
i never had a coach to lead me when i go astray
my mum was never there
neither was my daddy there
though they weren’t dead and they truly cared
but they never had the chance
this’s my history
I don’t want you to be sorry
cause i know my God is holy and he also knows my story look
my God is capable, dependable ,reliable
and he’s also able to put a food on my table 

Olorun mi Dara o

The things you do me
Dey make me shout esee
The way you turn my life around
Dey make me shout esee

Esee baba
Thank you Jesus
Esee oo baba
Thank you Jesus

Bi irun Ori mi
Baje  Kiki awon
Bi irun Ori mi
Baje Kiki awon

Komato o
Lati yin o logo
Komato lati yin oo logo
Esee baba oooooo
Esee baba oooooo

Esee baba
Thank you Jesus
Esee o baba
Thank you Jesus


Facebook: Aria B Adeboye
Instagram: @aria_B
YouTube: Aria B

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