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Audio: My Great Provider ~ Chinyere Euphemia [Facebook: Chinyere Euphemia]



The Music ministry of Chinyere Euphemia has been a blessing to so many lives. She is a prolific artist and a wonderful song writer. She started her music career professionally in  2006 backed with the release of two musical albums by the enabling Grace of God. She is from Enugu state, Nigeria. She is happily married and blessed with wonderful children. My Great Provider is a song birthed  out of Her reminisce of the wonder working hand of God She experienced during her Trying Moments. God has really been Faithful… I Recommend this song to You.
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Lyrics: My Great Provider – Chinyere Euphemia
You are God
You are  God without
Spot nor wrinkle,
You are  the rock
You my healer
You are  the master  builder,
You hold the key
You hold the  life
Is in your hand to bless,
Without you Jesus who will  hear of me,
Who will rescue  my soul,
Imakwa na enwezuga gi eee aru aka emewo na ime ndu muo (without you in my life, abominable things  would  have happened)
You are  the  beginning,
You are  the  end,
You are  everlasting,
Agbanweagbwe, (Unchangeable)
Ujuru eligwe,
Juputa uwa nile, (you fill the  heavens,  you fill the  whole earth)
Anya na ele obi
Anya na ele uwa,
Oma kam si bia uwa eeee (He that search the heart, the overseers of the  world,  He  knows my Existence)
isi nke ndu, consuming fire,
You deserve all praises,
Baba aaaaa
You are  my great PROVIDER,
My maker my healer,
You are  my great PROVIDER,
Chi na achi na eligwe  na eluwa, (He that rules in heaven and earth)
Eze ndi Eze (kings of kings)
Baba that is  whom  you are,
Among  all the  god
You are  the  only faithful  God ,
The name above  all the names,
The power beyond all powers,
The pillar that holds the whole  world,
You are  the  rock that l stand on,
JESUS you work on sea ,
Idabagi na ime ya (without  seeking inside)
Onye oru ebube (miracle worker)
Gi bu ike muo, (you are my strength)
Gi bu ndu mee (you are my life)
Gi kam ji eme onu (l boost in you)
Gi kam ji abamba
Agbanwe agbanwe (Unchangeable)
Chi na adi gi awuawu
(He lives for ever)
Ojide onyemu, (giver)
Idi gi ajo no (you are  not stingy)
Aka na Nye nwa,
(Giver of child)
Aka na agwo ori
(Hand that heals)
Ebulite uzu autuu
You are my great PROVIDER
Lion of Judea
That is whom  you are  to me,
You are my great PROVIDER
Ana ekwu nke imere JESUS
Ina akahari na eme nma
(You are going  around  doing  good)
Malite na ogwugwu eee, ebube dike na dimkpa (glorious God, more powerful)
You are eee
Chioma eee
Chioma (2×)
Agbawe Dike isu agbahari,
Eze kachazi di elude
Oche na muo,
Oche na mmadu,
Omali oturu ugo la
You are
That is  whom you  are,
Faithful God (onye oru ebube)
Faithful God
(chi na eme nma)
Faithful  God
Faithful God
The beginning and end,
Chi na eme nma,
Call you  the first,
You are  the  last,
You are  everything,
You never change,
You keep changing  things,
Jehovah talk and do,
Say you are
Faithful God
Chi na emenma eeeh
Faithful God,
You oooooouuuuuu
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