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Audio & Video: Mari Ba Ti Se ~ Gbenga Kalejaiye



Gbenga Kalejaiye is a Nigeria-based Anointed Gospel Music Minister, who has refused over time to be addressed as an “Artist”, saying he’s a soul lifter and not an entertainer. He believes that the best and fastest way to commune with God is to worship Him. He said “worship is an essentiality of live”, He’s in-depth understanding about how to Worship, makes Him a Worshipper. Gbenga Kalejaiye is an outstanding Songwriter, Composer and a Lead vocalist, who believes that been a minister is not about competition but about the Power and the Presence of God upon your life. His believe and outstanding way of worship has made Him stand out.
Gbenga Kalejaiye is a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Kaduna, Kaduna state. He studied Civil Engineering, even though he was born in Kaduna state, he has been to other states within Nigeria for songs ministration and for other businesses. He is not just an Engineer but also a passionate business man who is so diligent in all is dealing with customers and friends.
He’s a lover of God and good music, he has released two album one in 2015 Titled “Hellele God (Wonderful God)” and the other Titled “Grace” in 2017. Wonderful and Soul lifting songs that needs to be heard by all.
Gbenga Kalejaiye a Dynamic gospel music minister returns with a brand new single titled”MARI BA TI SE”. A song for the season and always, in this song Gbenga Kalejaiye worked with great minds in the music industry. A song to restore hope, a song to build up faith, a song that gives assurance for the future, a song that addresses every area of one’s life. He said “you don’t give up on God when He’s not done with you yet”
According to Gbenga Kalejaiye “This is not just a Song but Hope for all”, another thing that wow the song and more inspiring is the video that accompany the song. Download, Listen and watch.
His latest Single “MARI BA TI SE” is a song inspired by the Holy Spirit, full of God’s power and His presence, the presence of God and power over this new single gives you the conviction that your tomorrow will be ok no matter what you are passing through now, there is assurance that things will turn around for good. Remain blessed as you share this good news to other, Jesus love’s you.


LYRICS: MARI BA TI SE (I will excel in all areas of my life no matter the challenges)

Oh Lord You said Abraham blessings are mine,
Fruitfulness was part of his blessings
Prosperity was not left out, joblessness was never part of his blessings
Even though he had one yet he was called the father of all nation.
Ha….ha…ha ….ha

Mari ba ti se
I will excel in all areas of my life no matter the challenges
Mari ono gbegba
God will always make a way for me in all situation. 2x

Oh Lord my God,
You promised me Lord and you said
My going out and my coming in,
Oh Lord it shall be blessed,
In the morning in the noon time,
In the evening all the days of my life,
The sun will not smite me by day,
Nor the moon by the night
Yea…… Olorunmi…. Jeko rimi sore, ko pere, ko sore, ko pere, ko sore.
Oh Lord let me meet with favour, favour me today, left my head be lifted up, lift me up.

Ha….ha…ha ….ha

Mari ba ti se
I will excel in all areas of my life no matter the challenges
Mari ono gbegba
God will always make a way for me in all situation. 2x

You have to help me
It is important that I breakthrough in life,
Wherever darkness seems to appear or confusion, Oh Lord you are my light and my guide.
Jesus shine your light on my path,
Anywhere my enemies stand against me or gathered against me,
Help me to triumph over them all, lift me over them, let me prosper,
Do it for me oh Lord,
Don’t allow my enemies to triumph over me……

My head shall be lifted,
No more barrenness,
No more shame,
Am working in His glory,
Victory is mine,
Am lifted and blessed,
I can see a way out,
Your past is over,
No more sickness,
I can see your glory sing,
I can see you celebrating yeah…..,
You are free
Miracle everywhere,
You’ll have your twins,
I say common take the job,
I say take your wife,
Common proclaim your husband,
Jesus everywhere,

He’s a big King (God)
He has favoured you,
He has given you wealth,
He has open the door of joy in your house and in my house,
My story has turned to joy,
Your story has turned to joy,
No more battles,
The battles are ended,
I praise God with seven hallelujah,
For the favour and the blessings I received,
His good deeds are numerous.

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