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Audio: Your Name Is Yahweh ~ Solomon Perez [Instagram: @IkpitiPerez | Facebook page: Ikpiti Solomon Perez]



Music minister, Solomon Perez releases a brand new, Sunny Pee produced single titled “Your Name Is Yahweh.”

Commenting on the new single, he shares:

“All kings are voted or elected into their kingship positions and their reign has an expiry date.

“At the end of their reign every kingship title is taken off them, they are at this point referred to as” former”, but we serve a God who nobody voted in as King, He enthroned Himself as King even before the world began and He remains the only King whose reign is forever!

“No mortal man can break this record. YAHWEH IS YOUR NAME!”

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      1. Your Name Is Yahweh - Solomon Perez
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Verse 1:

Before the world began Lord, You were there, enthroned as the master of the universe

All creations bow to you Lord declaring you are God

You reign forever and ever Amen (2x)


Your name is Yahweh king of all creations

You seat in heaven and makes the earth your foot stool

Your name is Yahweh, Alpha and Omega,you reign forever and ever Amen

Verse 2:

The mountains skip like ram at the presence of Jehovah,

The winds and waves obey you,you are God all by yourself,your records can’t be broken by a mortal man,you reign forever and ever Amen


Yahweh is your name (2x)

You seat in heaven and makes the earth your foot stool

Lord answer to your name, answer to your name

You reign forever and ever Amen


Facebook page: Ikpiti Solomon Perez

Instagram: @ikpitiperez

Twitter: @perezikpiti

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