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Audio: Praise Party ~ Odons Austine [Instagram & Twitter: @Odons_Austine]



Odons Austine premieres yet another single titled “Praise Party” following his previous soul lifting singles: “Omniscient God”, “Ome Mma” and “Glorious”.

“This piece expresses the need to party in God’s presence. In our world today the word “party” sounds carnal and is oftentimes associated with unbelievers whereas it is beautiful and joyful to party in a godly manner especially in his presence.

“Hence, if you have experienced God’s blessings and favour, you can’t resist the urge to dance to the rhythm of this praise song.

“Do have a blessed listening.” – Odons Austine

The song was written by Odons Austine and produced by Jid Records.

      1. Praise Party - Odons Austine
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We gonna party today in the presence of God,
We gonna party all day Halleluya(2x)
Oh oh ooooo
Oh oh ooooo
Oh oh ooooo,we gonna party all day

Verse 1:

This God ooooo,you’re too good ooooo
This God oh,you’re making feel so happy,
In your presence there is fullness of joy,
In your presence we are shouting Glory, Glory, Glory!!!!!


Glory Glory Haleluya!!
Glory Glory Haleluya!! (2x)
Glory Glory Haleluya!!
We celebrate you today

Verse 2:

Our hands we raise, our voice
We raise, singing to you,we gonna party all day.
It’s a privilege to worship you, I will dance like David danced,with a joyful heart.
We gonna party all day.
Oh oh oooo
Oh oh ooooo (2x)
Oh oh ooooo
We gonna party all day


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Instagram: @Odons_Austine

Facebook: Odons Austine

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