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Audio: Praise Of The Prophets II ~ Segun Oluwayomi [Instagram: @Segun_Oluwayomi | Twitter: @SegunOluwayomi]



“I, Segun Oluwayomi Omo Arugbo Ojo stand boldly to say that the best way to connect with your God is through your native language, no matter what tribe you are from.

“If you haven’t tried it, I’ll encourage you to try it also.

“Out of the need to keep the fire and power of God that work miracles and wonders from the days of our fathers alive even today, and seeing the mighty power of God at work at anytime and anywhere I’m privileged to minister with this particular collections of songs from old, I’ve been inspired by the Holy Spirit to release to the glory of God, the much anticipated power packed “Praise of the Prophets II“, which is a collection of these songs of old.

“This I’m releasing on the 16th of July, 2019 which is a very important day in my life; my wife’s birthday and the 14th year I said, ‘I do’… my wedding anniversary.

“It’s being released as my gift to the world to celebrate and mark this special day of mine as a free download so more people who want to stay in touch with the songs of old can have free access to download it.

“What’s more, link to the first single, “Praise of the Prophet I” has been made available for those who don’t have it already. Scroll down for the link.”

Press play to listen to “Praise of the Prophets II”

      1. Praise Of The Prophets 2 - Segun Oluwayomi
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The track began with a soft smooth Jazz as an intro which was an abstract to the main course of the track. This was eventually followed by the robust voice of the Man of God himself where he rang the bell and talked about praising the God of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola. It was ushered in by an eclectic vocal arrangement ‘A fe ri o Olorun Babalola ’. Thereafter, Awa Omo Jesu mbo and emi mimo ese o sequentially followed each other accompanied by a pronounced danceable compound duple timing played from the hand bell with the Konga and Akuba drums. Still in the order, from emi mimo Olorun o ma ku ise to sibe agbara Olorun ngbani all expressed the praises of God’s sovereignty.

The Prophets as of old in the lineage and Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola sang praises as they were moved of God by his Spirit. They actually dangled back and forth between praises and the prophetic, so also warfare was peculiar to them. These inform the next set of songs which are prophetical. Ile lanu, N o la agbaye ja, E k’alleluia, Babalola Olomi iye, and Eyin Agbagba Orun e dide.

This ‘single’ is recommended to praise the true living God. It is not over spiced or concocted together to impress any man but put together by inspiration to praise and bring down the hand of the true God.

As a child of God and son of the prophet, I recommend Praise of the Prophet II for your spiritual consumption and upliftment.

Reviewer: Olusesan Victor Ajayi Ph.D.


Producer: Wole Oni
Tenor Saxophone, Bell & Lead Vocal: Segun Oluwayomi
Back Up Singers: @onibudo_esteemband and @onike_1
Akuba Drums: Gbenga Daniel, Kayode Oluwayomi and Wole Oni


“Praise of the Prophets I”

      2. Praise of the Prophets 1 - Segun Oluwayomi
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Instagram: @Segun_Oluwayomi

Twitter: @SegunOluwayomi

Facebook: Segun Oluwayomi

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