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Audio: Imela ~ CJ Wonder [@Jothannwankw5]



CJ Wonder who is a seasonal gospel singer & songwriter delivers a brand new worship song titled, ‘Imela‘. A song that declares how grateful we are for all that he has done for us s a song of hope that edifies our soul and inner spirit. Please download and share this song and The Lord will Grant you all your heart desires so you will have more reason to be grateful in Jesus name. Amen

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Instagram: @Cj_wonder

Twitter: @Jothannwankw5


When I think about your goodness and your mercy I bow before your throne and say…..IMELA….(thanks)…..

You been there for me in good times and in bad times now I have come to say papa…IMELA… (thanks)…

If am as to pay for all that you have done ooh I can not pay ooh I can not pay ooh…IMELA…(thanks)…

I begin to wonder which kind love be this ooh…oh papa oh daddy….

for you are there for me anytime I call you are, you are so good ooh Jehovah mooh…oh oh oh

for you are there for me anytime I call you are,you are so good ooh…IMELA….(thanks)

(x3)Jehovah there’s no one like you imela….(thanks)….IMELA….(thanks)…

there is no one like you Jehovah Imela…(thanks)…

Narekele….(Receive thanks)… narekele…(receive thanks)…

Narotito….(receive praise)…. narekele… (receive thanks)…

IMELA…. (thanks)…. Repit x2


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